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The Question of Id

Whether I have been misled or am I mad, I do not know.

In the circa 1924, the pride took a hit
In sun hour finding a tandem to idle id, I took bullets to talk cowering… 95 more words


Confessions from the Cusp of Retirement

I am loathe to admit it, but someone I DO. NOT. LIKE. helped me last week.

You could say I was a little desperate.

And, desperate times call for desperate measures, dontcha know. 904 more words

Vintage Viewpoint


Not walking! I hate walking! No not really. I used to love hiking. The only problem now is that I am unable to walk for long distances, so it makes me feel very bad. 222 more words


11 weeks of feeling rough

We hit week 11 yesterday and I’m starting to worry a little now.

Mel’s nausea is showing absolutely no signs of disappearing and to add to that, she’s felt faint a few times this week. 219 more words

The First Trimester

The Second Realm Chap. 7b in the saga of Panooksa

Idea by Tom Austin Originally written by Tom Austin

Revised and vastly improved by award winning author Meg Sorick

“You’re wondering why I’m here, aren’t you, Mildred?” asked the old man. 1,726 more words

Blog Post

The Post That Shall Not Be Named

So as most of you know I’ve been diagnosed with posteral orthostatic tachycardia syndrome aka POTS. Its a form of dysautinoma. If you look it up there are several fantastic articles thay can explain in more depth. 160 more words