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Stop the Fairness creams!

I wish I was born in America.

I’m a South Asian girl and I have that tan brown skin that Americans love. Frankly the American beauty standards and what I actually possess are so similar that I should just move there and be considered beautiful than stay here and let my own side of the world devalue my skin colour. 545 more words

Why are South Asians obsessed with being white?

“Have you been hanging out in the sun a lot? Your skin has darkened by a ten-fold!” Comments like this are not uncommon if you are a Pakistani or Indian. 489 more words

Its More Than Just Portraying Sexy..

Advertisements are the only reason we switch channels between our favourite television shows. Now- a- days the channels have advertisement countdown, still one has to go through those biased, sexist ads which claim their products to be ‘the best in the world’. 643 more words


Dark & (still) Lovely...

As my wedding day grows closer and closer, I reflect on decisions about final details; my hair, make-up, dress and so on. I mentally go through never-ending lists about how I can ensure that I look my best the day of. 1,598 more words


Fair or Not so Fair!

As the summer started in 2015 I delivered my baby Girl. What a perfect little human she was! I am very thankful for the miracles of the creative process and more than happy to hold the perfect little being in my hands. 655 more words


Oh look, I'm so Fair and Lovely!

So, this is my first post in 2015. Sorry about that. :-/ Anyway, I recently saw an ad that forced me to return from my hiatus and write about it. 382 more words