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The Midgaheim Bestiary: The Fair Folk Overview

Fairies and Fairyland

While a vast variety of magical creatures inhabit the continent of Midgaheim, the strangest and most magical of all are the Fair Folk.  2,061 more words

Monster Menageries

Between Logic and Enchantment: Labyrinth

Created by Jim Henson and his studio of master puppeteers,  Labyrinth is a rightfully beloved fantasy film.  As the film is a relatively famous cult classic, I don’t feel the need to sing is overall praises – lots of people on the web have done that already, and probably better than I have.  3,356 more words

Creepy Columns

The Collector, pt. 3

During the night, Rokag saw her parents vanish for seemingly no reason. In her panic, she shouted while she searched for them, but nobody answered except her neighbor, Tabris. 5,555 more words


The Collector, pt. 2

Rokag notices that her fathers have been behaving peculiarly for days. Each morning they wake up exhausted, as if they’ve been out all night, but neither recall doing anything but sleeping. 3,936 more words


The Collector, pt. 1

In the modern world, cities have expanded and grown, replacing forested or otherwise natural spaces. Fair Folk once thrived, only to be overtaken by parking garages and strip malls. 4,672 more words


An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

This book is a spring banquet of ripe grapefruit wine, a summer morning beneath swaying willow trees, an autumnal bonfire deep in the woods, and a wintry dusk backset to the wind. 1,110 more words


Chapter 27: Clash

Despite the metaphorical keys of life now being in my metaphorical pocket, little changed at first. That was alright, though. I was mostly content with what I had at the moment. 5,156 more words