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here, now: a good book

I don’t read nearly as much fiction as I used to. In high school and university, sometimes even as a Ph.D. student, I would read (at least) one book per week. 632 more words

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with some Free Reading #SaintPatricksDay

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a nod to the Fair Folk? Spend a little time reading about the coiling erection of a Leprechaun’s penis, the delights of a Banshee’s breasts, and much more, in Mona Alps’ … 40 more words

Faerie Disguise

The Faerie Folk are the masters of disguise as they travel, work and live within the boundaries of our mundane world.  The bird sitting on a branch watching you, the squirrel scolding you from high up in a tree, the leaf scurrying quickly across your feet . 66 more words

#DOTFreadalong Group Review

 About a month ago, Laura, Morgan, and myself started talking about doing a readalong post for Daughter of the Forest, a book that had been widely recommended and raved over by some of our blogger/twitter/IRL friends. 363 more words

Historical Fiction

The Age of the Hermit

“You shall go with me, newly married bride,  
And gaze upon a merrier multitude;  
White-armed Nuala, Aengus of the birds,  
Feacra of the hurtling foam, and him   487 more words


Pagans, Quantum Physics and Rationality

In my experience, Pagans are amazing at skepticism, logic and rational argument – when it comes to other people’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Most Pagans that I know could tell you a lot about how Jesus is not the only dying-and-rising god that ancient societies ever thought of, or how Christmas was influenced by pre-Christian pagan traditions. 1,364 more words


October: Chaos

I get the call at 5pm. Merlin needs to be put to sleep, tonight. I look at my watch and know I will not get there in time. 561 more words