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All Hallows Gathering 2015 - Part Two

I’ve written this blog in two posts as there was so much information to impart and I thought I would do this in more manageable chunks – not to mention that all those photos, photo credits, and videos were beginning to make my head spin!  1,417 more words


Fair Folk Fashion: Elf Ear Cuffs (Part One)

For months since I’m not able to make my latest accessories due to my bunch of schoolwork, I finally found my inspiration; elves. I’ve always thought that elves are the immortal counterpart of socialites. 64 more words


Summer Storm

Our wooden deck adjoins the back of our home, rising high among the trees like the deck of a ship anchored upon an ocean of green leaves.   249 more words

Summer Rain

Here comes the soft, murmuring patter of a light summer rain upon green leaves and the stony pathway. On the covered porch, my timid weather-wise self stays dry; that is, until the cheerful song of the birds within the trees shames me out of my dry sanctuary to join them in the rain. 54 more words

Lords and Ladies - Terry Pratchett (Spoilers)

This was my first ever Pratchett and I will definetely be reading more of him, for his humour, his storytelling, his characters, his magic. When the book opens it is Midsummer Night and mysterious crop circles are appearing everywhere. 418 more words

Saturday Word of the Day: Moppet

*Moppet: a young child

“Come here moppet,” granny called to Lila as she ran through the garden. “No don’t go over there where I can’t see you, moppet.” 88 more words

Saturday Word Of The Day

here, now: a good book

I don’t read nearly as much fiction as I used to. In high school and university, sometimes even as a Ph.D. student, I would read (at least) one book per week. 632 more words