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Chapter 19: Rabbit Hole

As soon as I got outside, I dug my phone out of the small pocket on the inside of my shirt and checked the screen out of some very wishful thinking that I might get a signal and be able to call Grandma and Grandpa. 5,549 more words


A Midsummer Night's Dream with "Real" Fair Folk

Coming soon to the BBC:

The BBC is going to show a brand new interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of May.

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Sighted Elsewhere

Chapter 18: Changeling

I had never considered myself a violent person. Sure, I’d been doing some Sim Fu and that had meant a lot of punching and kicking air and sometimes sparring partners, but that was not violence. 5,888 more words


246: Fairy Doctors

In the Ozark the “Power Doctor” or “Goomer Doctor” is a folk healer who is versed in charms, prayers, and healing work that generally does not involve any internal medicine. 1,728 more words

Folk Magic 365

244: Ozark Fairies

Fairy lore and beliefs here in the Ozarks has its origin in the folklore and traditions of the Scots-Irish settlers to the Appalachian Mountains. It was in these mountains and hills that the traditional European belief in the “Fair Folk,” “Good Folk,” “Gentry,” “Little People,” etc. 489 more words

Folk Magic 365

"Meet Me In The Woods" - Lord Huron

Music to the tune of my current thoughts:

“Meet Me in the Woods” – Lord Huron from the album “Strange Trails

I took a little journey to the unknown, 152 more words


All Hallows Gathering 2015 - Part Two

I’ve written this blog in two posts as there was so much information to impart and I thought I would do this in more manageable chunks – not to mention that all those photos, photo credits, and videos were beginning to make my head spin!  1,417 more words