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Happy New Year, friends! We’re two weeks into 2016, and I still cannot believe it’s January. Quick update: The last few months of 2015 were pretty wild with Kate giving birth to her beautiful new daughter, Ruby Claire, (all of our friends and I have already fallen completely in love with this babe) and with my journey hiking the Camino in Spain, my life turned upside down (for the best..). 361 more words

Fair Trade

Brand Spotlight: Patagonia

I’m pretty much in love with this company. If I could marry a business, it would be this one. Call me Cory Patagonia from now on, because while I consider myself a feminist who doesn’t usually subscribe to traditional gender roles, I would totally take its name. 419 more words


Brand Spotlight: Bibico

Bibico is an ethical brand out of the UK, based in historic Bath. This company is the brainchild of Spanish designer Nieves Ruiz Ramos, who, after a decade of work in the fashion industry, decided there must be a better way. 161 more words


Abe's Market

natural for the people

If you’re looking for remarkable products and don’t want to spend hours researching- this site is for you! Abe’s Market has a unique program for you to find organic & natural products, try them at an affordable cost, and have fun while you’re doing it. 265 more words

Fair Trade

Ethical Shopping

Shopping ethically is important, whether that means buying organic foods, fair trade items, or cruelty-free products. By using our dollars to support companies that demonstrate their respect for the planet and people, we send the clearest message possible that we are committed to sustainable development and a high quality of life for all. 552 more words