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خصوم غير متكافئين                                 Unequal opponents

عندما يتحدث الاقتصاديون الذي يعملون للدول الغنية عن تحرير الأسواق في العالم النامي، ويعترضون على القيود المفروضة على الاستثمار الأجنبي المباشر وأنشطة الشركات متعددة الجنسيات في البلدان الفقيرة، فحديثهم يشبه كما لو أن أحد فرق الملاكمين المحترفين في الوزن الثقيل يطالب بالسماح لأعضائه أن يتنافسوا مع ملاكمين هواة لأوزان أقل من وزن فريقهم.


Review: Honest Tea Peach Iced Tea

Abby says:

Tea type: Bottled
Temperature: Cold, over ice
Steeped: Ready made
Served: Nothing added to start, then blended with unsweetened iced tea

As the weather warms up, the search for the perfect ready-made iced tea begins. 191 more words

Tea Review

The New Pharisees

SNL’s Dana Carvey as The Church Lady

The Pharisees were a Jewish faction during the time of Christ. These guys were famous for reducing spirituality to a system of rules. 693 more words


Recycle and Reuse Your Clothes

Recycling unwanted clothing reduces landfill waste as the amount of resources needed to produce new clothing. Also, it lessens the waste produced by the manufacturing process. 217 more words

Joel Worldwear

Ethical Fashion: The norm, not the niche.

On Sunday afternoon in Fremantle, the Fair Trade Freo and Fairly Fashionable? collectives held a panel discussion to round off the third annual Fashion Revolution Week. 817 more words

Interviews And Reviews

Emma Watson Regrets Harry Potter But Actress Invests In Coachella-Like Clothing People Tree

Emma Watson, a.k.a Hermione, is also a business savvy actress.

You may know Emma Watson as Hermione and she may have regretted playing that character in the famous long-running book and movie franchise “Harry Potter” because of her bushy hair (asJobsNHire previously reported)..Read more

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