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A lesson in spatial awareness 

I took my son to the local Show the other day. It’s like a mini Ekka. Yknow, ride, showbags, sideshow alley, food, animals. We were going to the petting zoo when we passed the sheep judging contest. 95 more words


3 Game-Changing Foundation Tricks

They call it foundation for a reason. It’s the base of any great makeup look, but it can be hard to master. Here are three game-changing foundation tricks so that you always end up with a flawless finish.

How To

28:20:02:08:15:21 - sunburn *

* This weekend, my wife and I decided that we needed to get the tires changed on our vehicle. Good enough of an idea, except it left us six miles from our house with no method of transport. 286 more words


A Girl's Guide to the Fair

I could get used to this blogging all the time thing…but don’t hold me to it. Anyways, I told y’all to stay tuned for my fair rules. 603 more words


Portraits done at the fair

I had never set up a booth to draw portraits before. Learned some things. Don’t have the 85 year old sit so long in the 93 degree heat. 97 more words


I just added few photographs from this years Cahirmee horse fair to the collection on my website. Just click on the photograph or follow the link. 9 more words

Feel that summer sun - Redux

Finally got a break from working, moving & my own incompetence to hit up buskers and the fair properly – I had a deliciously disgusting cheese burger and a soda, and eyed up the hammer game with glee, surely I would best it’s challenge of strength – or fail horribly before the sight of my girlfriend, oh the fair~ 81 more words