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Life Lately

I always end up posting a “life lately” when it seems like we’ve been 90 to nothing and we’ve done all. the. things. but really we haven’t done anything major so it all falls together in one of these posts. 565 more words

Life In General

Earth Day Science March

Over 2,000 people spent their Earth Day marching through the streets of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, helping to set an “unprecedented” number of people demonstrating in the name of science. 273 more words


'You live by the sword, you die by the sword': Trump says the stock market is still a fair indicator of his success

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

President Donald Trump appears to be ok with people judging his success by the stock market.

In an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, Trump was asked whether it was still fair to use the stock market as a scorecard to evaluate the success of his presidency. 216 more words

Money Matters

At the fair

A windy and smart day
Was offered today
To blow away the old dust and
Welcome blooming plants and candy balloons
Held in tiny hands. 16 more words


TBS Job Fair

TBS Job Fair is the most prestigious event during the academic year in TBS. Many companies and NGOs come to TBS and they give internships to students. 108 more words