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making a cardboard castle

It’s been a bit of a crafty creative week this week. And it’s all because of our upcoming school fair. I am helping build a box maze. 193 more words

Making And Mending

NHS Change Day - So much to change, how do I pick one??

So I was reading a superb blog from Jackie Lynton and found myself thinking that I wanted to do more for change day… I want to make a change… but what?? 683 more words

Jon Hannah

New Electronic Sign At Big E

The Big E‘s new electronic sign board in front of the Brooks Building is up and running.

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that awkward moment (tw ed)

when you find your perfect contour shade and you also accidentally lost 8 pounds that you really needed to keep

lol I look like a grasshopper who needs a wax and to pick a damn lip color for the evening why is wearing maroon so hard… 46 more words

'Good people'

I believe in fairness.
This means if someone treats me like rubbish I will respond in the exact same way.
Now you may think being a fair person gets in the way of being a good person. 99 more words

What's Important

Your life matters. People come and go, but don’t stress over the small things. Stressing over small things only has your hearts in knots and your mind a mush. 635 more words