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Fairey Swordfish Mk. II – Part 3 – Priming, painting

Painting white over the light grey plastic seemed like an easy and straightforward task. That’s why I decided to prime it all black.

Joking aside, this black priming plus the white marble layer, lays back a nice base for wear-looking surfaces. 183 more words


Mark I complete - Mark II next...

I feel very achieved. The Mark I Fairey Fulmar is complete. Let me show you why I’m happy.

First off, this was the first kit I’ve completed with an all-over airbrush paint job. 123 more words

800 Naval Air Squadron

I see Faireys...

While I wait for the good people at Maquettes Heller to send me the half a funnel that is missing from HMS Triumph, I thought I’d crack on with another of 800 Squadron’s aircraft. 249 more words

800 Naval Air Squadron

Fairey Swordfish Mk. II - Part 2 - Assemble before painting

I decided to prepare everything before the main painting phase, so I could focus only on the cameo and the proper shading for this kit. I will rely on my masking skills, as I am beginning to understand that it’s better to glue before paint, than paint before glue. 154 more words