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Pastiche 1560: Construction and Outcome

The brief requires that the final outcome must be constructed in Adobe Premier pro, so…. Premier it is!

I want my pictures on screen long enough for you to be able to take a look at who it is and read the word below them; the word tends to be the first thing your eyes go to read as it gives a hint about whatever on screen is about. 166 more words


Pastiche 1560: Abramovic, Yu, Koons

The first 3 artists I have chosen are Marina Abramovic, Zhu Yu and Jeff Koons; Abramovic known for her performance art, Yu known for is cannibalism contemporary art and Koons for his kitsch designs. 53 more words


Pastiche 1560: Development 2

After finally deciding what artist to inspire my video it was time to begin putting it together and creating the images in Fairey’s style.

It was actually quite hard trying to figure out how he did it and how to re-create it. 78 more words


Make Art not War

Art is a part of our society and culture. It is a beautiful way to transmit powerful messages to large masses. I am not the kind of person that is involved in politics, but I consider myself a person that believes in what is right and just. 311 more words


Tooth Fairy Visit

The tooth fairy visit at our house was quite magical this year thanks to some glitter and an app called Catchy. My daughter lost her tooth and wanted to wait till Christmas so she could have Santa and the Tooth Fairy at her house. 55 more words