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Fairies and Fantasy

Last time I was crying in Glastonbury High Street, my good friend Guy came up to me and asked if I’d mind doing a bit of publicity for a new art shop that was opening in town. 848 more words

My mum didn’t believe in god but she did believe in fairies!

My mum didn’t believe in God but she did believe in fairies! It actually works out as a pretty helpful way to view your life. 755 more words


Daily Drawing #294, Catching the Bubbles

The drawing, “Catching Bubbles,” is a glimpse into the past when the simple things like trying to catch bubbles in our hands fascinated us for hours.


Squirrels Need ​Maps!

We are currently hosting the worst, uninvited guests ever to be known, The Squirrels! About five of them have taken up residence in our Birch Tree. 358 more words


DIY Fairy jars/Room decor

Sometimes i sit under the stars 💫and think of galaxies inside my heart♥ and wonder if i actually could see one (i don’t think so, i would see them) Whenever i think of galaxies stars, stardust, faries, pixe dust and fairy things come up to my mind and i am always excited about that😂. 233 more words


Savers Bank, Souhbridge, MA

A Forest Fairy Closes Her Eyes and Summons the Forces of Mother Nature in a Front Window Display at Savers Bank on Main Street in Southbridge, MA



I called into the podiatrist the other day for my check up and foot pampering session.  The receptionist asked me to make her some family Christmas cards because she says they all send her a personalised card and she never reciprocates so this year she thought she would.  601 more words