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An Encounter- Flash Fiction

As Aillil turned page after page of the old fables his grandfather had left him, he found himself entranced by the tales of the Branwen, Cuchulainn, Tuatha de Danann, Arthur and his knights. 481 more words


Flight Lesson


With the first bird tweet before sunrise
An eager young fairy opened her eyes
Impatient she was to explore a new day
To discover new things, have fun and play… 501 more words


Dangerous Fairies

Be careful: Not all fairies are benign, ethereal sweeties. The Fairies, by 19th-Century Irish poet William Allingham, is a dark-themed children’s poem that includes the abduction (and eventual death) of a child. 223 more words


Summer Adventures! Malham Cove

Malham Cove is a geologists dream with it’s unusual limestone pavements, creating clints (limestone blocks) and grykes (the gaps in between), these are quite unusual formations for England. 515 more words

What Am I Doing?

The Wedding

                           The Wedding

The sheltered grassy haven, encircled by a stream,

Caught memories of old, now held in time,

Where Elfin folk would play, would dance, their music of a dream, 277 more words

Someday I’ll switch from writing cozy mysteries about a Yarn Genie so I can write a fantasy about wild fairies and crochet me another set like these.


Faerie, Faerie, Quite Contrary, Off to the Garden You Go

Many different stories abound in cultures across the world about the enchanting ways of the Fae. They can be found in lush forests, whimsical gardens, forked waterways, and rolling mounds. 861 more words

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