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Are there fairies in any of the books?

     I want to answer a question I was asked about the characters of the series? Someone asked are there any fairies? Yes, but not as main characters. 607 more words

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On Fairies and Fairytales

My latest attempts to write something worthy to publish at Scholastic, illustrated and pumpered into some beautiful prints (in my dreams). In the reality it is just plain two verses at the time and I devoted them to my daughters. 142 more words

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Fairies Announce Departure of Miria Fujita

Fairies have announced the departure of member Miria Fujita. 150 more words


Bee's Big Adventure Part 5

After breakfast, an attendant came to load their luggage into the car. Bee was agitated with herself, she could still not remember where her grandmother’s estate was located. 1,257 more words


fairy #1

hellooooo there I haven’t written since last year, how long huh?

let’s just make sure 2017 doesn’t take us down 😂😂

So I had an idea, till the end of january I’ll post an entry, every single day, of a picture I took last year and I’ll tell its story, being the picture a day I don’t want to forget. 345 more words


Love has Won: The Spiritual Roots of Sovereignty, the Faery Folk of Avalon and The Glastonbury Declaration

This is the first in a series of new video broadcasts that will all be around the topic of reclaiming Sovereignty.

In this first one, I explain a little about how Sovereignty is a spiritual force that comes forth from the spirits of the land, otherwise known as the Fae or faeries. 509 more words



Never being backward at being forward I have identified at least three phrases I have started overusing in my blog posts. If I were my own editor I’d have word with me. 119 more words