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fairy #5

“My life was a play and I got lost in the middle of the main act.”

When you get your clothing to the last rehearsal, 238 more words


Letter Of Indulgence©®™**

In the middle ages, right after the Renaissance, the Church had become the centre of feudalism. The Church, during this period, sold pardon certificates called Indulgences, which exempted individuals from doing penance for sin. 226 more words

The Heart Stone Chronicles - Book Review

I have never been into fairies, but this poignant tale of winged creatures and the humans selected to protect them was compelling.

Abigale Forester aka Abby the Fairy Whisperer, 611 more words


The Occult Power of Goats

Do you believe in the occult intellectual power of goats? An American journalist, born in the 1830s, William Wirt Sikes did. Or at least he believed it was necessary to record this belief along with other fascinating “old ways” of the Welsh people as he traveled there as consulate, and never left. 678 more words


fairy #4

do you ever wonder why do we say something it’s beautiful? is it because it looks good? is it because it seems magical? is it because it’s appealing? 175 more words


Children and Fae

It’s rather annoying that my daughters friends tell her fairies aren’t real. Who do they think they are? Every week now my daughter asks me again, “Are fairies real?,” to which I answer, “Of course!”. 166 more words