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Why is the old man lonely ?


Don’t do it

Look at me

I’m alright

Everything’s OK”

These were the first words that the old man heard from beyond the grave. 853 more words


Flowers (again)

Yup it’s no big secret that I love flowers! They make every place look better. They’re a source of inspiration and I just couldn’t help but blog about some incredible flower illustrations. 15 more words

ep17 - The Happiest Days of Our Lives

It’s back to school time, both here and in the world of fairies,  but Bluebell the fairy and her friends don’t have any idea what’s waiting for them at the Larkspur School.   212 more words

Brimblebanks Brothers

Mythic Articulations

I am pretty much doomed.

Not in some theological “I really should have done that one thing instead of that other thing” sort of way. 359 more words


The Infernal Fire

​All fairies, all witches,
All dreams all desires
Burn us and singe us,
In an infernal fire

We are all doomed,
To ambition and strife… 14 more words



This is a delightful piece by judydykstrabrown. I had to share it because it made me laugh and I loved her photos and writing. Enjoy!! This is the first few stanzas but are lacking in the delightful photos she took. 72 more words


Fairies, Fantasy and Fairytales 😊😊

I know most of you already know about my Fairy Blog, but I have received a few more followers lately, so I thought I’d just remind everyone. 44 more words