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NaPoWriMo 2015 - Day 26 - Write a persona poem - Forthright Candour

Forthright Candour

I have laboured long and hard,

and I’ll thank you not to say

my legs are not perfect; as if

that matters a jot.         232 more words


Thoughts are swirling. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. My little angel figurine that came in a little bag marked “Hope” is sitting on my nightstand in an unusual spot (staring out the same window I tend to stare out of when I’m deep in thought.) I’m not superstitious. 628 more words


Jakks Pacific Winx Club: Believix Bloom, Stella & Tecna Doll Review

Total accuracy is not Jakks Pacific’s strong suit, but they make up for this with quality and seamless style. While some other doll companies try for accuracy, but fail in execution(i.e. 2,227 more words


Not the A to Z April Challenge : Waterfall

Fractals of multi hued motes of light

Greets morning  through the  waterfall

Silver  gleam has  ruled  the night

Dawn puts all that  to  flight

Dancing skipping  all… 12 more words

Katie's Discovery, A Fairytale by Lorraina Hall

Dedicated to my niece, Katie, who was such a charming child that I instantly thought of her when writing a fairytale about fairy adventures..

There once was a little girl whose name was Katie. 3,366 more words

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