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Music 140: Wild foxgloves

Wild foxgloves grow everywhere where I live. I find them a joyful flower. I wish each bell had a little clapper in it to tinkle in the breeze! 43 more words


Magic | Nightingale | Pieces of magic | Things that keep us magical

Pieces of magic.

This blog is going to contain something I like to call pieces of magic.

No its not typical fairy or witch magic. Then what is it you ask? 277 more words


The Whole Time

7 and 3, Day 4

“Can we start?” Steve tried to keep the impatience out of his voice.

“Just a minute, Sillypants,” said Peri. “I’m checking to make sure you drew the circle right.” 1,485 more words


On Faeries: Clurichauns

The clurichaun is a faerie from Ireland, and a possible relative of the leprechaun, known for its great love of liquor, and especially wine. Clurichauns are said to be perpetually drunk and most often take up residence in wine cellars. 624 more words


Confessions of a History Student: Messages and Intuition

Ali Isaac writes about Irish myths, legends, and tales. Today she has a special offer – a free book! I got my copy… did you get yours? 49 more words


Simmer and Shimmer

The first bubble rider sprites were spontaneously created in a cast iron cauldron, over a dying fire of oak logs and ash. They neither appeared by accident nor on purpose, and came alive when a witchy love potion was left simmering for an extra 69 seconds while the witch was daydreaming. 206 more words


Blood is a Precious Thing, from Dream to Story

Three young fairies were playing and laughing in the woods as they often did. They decided to call on the Goddess to show them what was coming.  108 more words