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Lower North Philadelphia Views, 76-100+

Xmas day restaurant

There were a literal dozen Chinese takeout restaurants in a one-half mile radius from where I lived. For the uninitiated, these shotgun restaurants comprise a small foyer with a cashier, small grocery, and kitchen, behind bullet proof glass. 813 more words


California Dreaming (1)

A long journey but worth it

After many months of planning we arrived safely in San Francisco at about 5pm local time, which was 3am British time. 780 more words


Meriahkan Ramadan, Fairmont Jakarta Hadirkan Kuliner Timur Tengah Hingga Masakan Indonesia

Menyambut Ramadan, Fairmont Jakarta menghadirkan pilihanam kuliner istimewa untuk berbuka puasa mulai dari makanan ala Timur Tengah, hidangan internasional dan Indonesia di restoran Spectrum dan Sapori Deli.  296 more words


Bermuda Spring Break

I tend to move the goal post on our “family vacations” in hopes of getting the hubby to do something extra special.  So I created another set of standards for what qualified and we ended up in Bermuda for JWS’s “spring break” now that the school calendar is what we live and die by  – peering into the next 30 yrs because yes, I expect my kids will want to go on vacation with me when they are  in college :) 408 more words

Montréal Food Critic's Alphabet: B

Any food lover coming to Montreal must have heard of the famous bagel-bakeries in Mile End: Fairmont and St Viateur. Both have been in the area for at least fifty years and both are open 24/7. 663 more words


house by the sea

there is a house by the sea

two jealous sisters, they’re waiting for me

and one is laid on the floor

and one is changing the locks on the doors… 268 more words