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The tears I never cried could raise the level of a small river.

Tears I should have cried, but didn’t, refused to come.

My Dad died and not one tear did I cry. 416 more words


The Malay Rulers' Character And Image.

The Melaka Malay Sultanate practices a policy of fairness,

Towards its diverse people; regardless of different religion, race, culture and language.

This is a reflection of the Malay Ruler’s character and image. 67 more words


Operation Satsang

  1. Operation Satsang is the name of an act of visually documenting the deconstruction of something old in order to reconstruct something new.
  2. It involves the organizing, triaging, selecting, packaging and transporting of specific items for long-term storage; like the storage of museum pieces for long-term preservation, conservation and protection.
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Operation Five Easy Pieces

Operation Five Easy Pieces is a solo creative visually documented work program used to dismantle something that is broken by donating selected books out of a unique book collection to the University of Victoria, McPherson’s Library with the hope of the selected books to be preserved and conserved for the education of others in the Greater Victoria Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canadian area. 11 more words


#McDonaldsStrike: "They're not lovin' it, but we're human beings"

As the Huffington Post and other outlets have publicised, staff at two McDonalds stores – in Crayford in East London and in Cambridge – have voted by over 95% in favour of strike action in their fight for fair treatment by the fast-food giant: 2,878 more words

The feeling of being unfairly treated and its consequences

In my previous post, I stated in a footnote:

I suspect that the extremely negative attitudes that e.g. the Swedish PC crowd displays towards everything non-PC actually serve to worsen problems with e.g.

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I have been debating whether or not to write this. Then, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it.

When I got into that altercation with Shack-up #3, I didn’t think I got hurt. 121 more words