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The rise of micro lots!


This is a new development in WA but apparently is happening in QLD & elsewhere. The price of land is still relatively expensive but if planned well can help first home buyers who prefer lower maintenance with nearby facilities like parks etc.



A piece of fresh fruit
Divide into equal shares
Some must get the pit


Equality and the Courage to Change

In terms of equality, we are citizens of liberty. We live in ideals, yet our freedom not free. All of us have an obligation to manage ourselves as individuals to cohabitate collectively. 995 more words

Married teachers, their children, and President Trump's supporters

My friend Darcey Addo and her husband, Dan, are teachers on the Space Coast in Brevard County. They have two young children in the public schools. 402 more words


It's in The Genes.

Don’t look upon that man, my boy,
His colour’s wrong and to be feared.
That man, he’s done nought to annoy,
Don’t look upon that man, my boy, 35 more words

Creative Writing

This Way and That Way: Fairness

A major debate we as a society have been having in one form or another for the past 200 years is whether or not we ought to redistribute some wealth from the rich to the poor. 1,628 more words


Bus Tracks On My Back


“To throw (someone) under the bus” is an idiomatic phrase in American English meaning to sacrifice a friend or ally for selfish reasons. It is typically used to describe a self-defensive disavowal and severance of a previously-friendly relationship when the relation becomes controversial or unpopular. 764 more words