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Where My Free Will Sits

The Indiana Religious Freedom bill is necessary to ensure that the government cannot overreach. For instance, it would stop the egregious fines and restriction on Christian bakers who refuse to violate their faith. 448 more words



I hope my blog this week will bring on some discussion and also make you think about stuff we take for granted and consider to be our right. 213 more words

The Middleman

On the fence. Between a rock and a hard place. Neither here nor there.

Three metaphors, one theme: being in the middle.

It can be a rough place, the middle. 215 more words

Equality - What Does It Mean?

One of the biggest beefs I have in online debate is the concept of “equality”. All too often I see people deny others based on the concept that, “Well, they’re just treating everyone the same.” The problem is there’s a big difference between literal equality and the concept of “equal opportunity”. 604 more words

Embracing God's Goodness and Greatness: The First Provision

The First Provision

Genesis 1:29-21

29 God said, “See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. 550 more words

Teach Your Parents Well

Inevitably, March exposes fans to a deluge of talk about the NCAA Tournament–whether the fans in question are interested or not. Even those of us who object to the Tournament for… 996 more words


Your brain on being treated unfair

How “rational” do people behave in social economic decisions? Imagine that you and another (unknown) person have to split 10$. The other person gets to propose how to split, and can offer any value between 0 and 10$ to you. 499 more words

Economic Decision