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More on Equity and Equality

TL:DR: There are two kinds of equality: Equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. Equality of outcome offers the same results for all. Equality of opportunity offers the same potential for success for all. 1,509 more words

Political Philosophy

A Child of God

By:  Betty Predmore

As I sat with my bible and my coffee this morning, the voice of my 8-year-old daughter drifted from down the hallway. She was lost in her own thoughts, singing a song that she made up in her head, oblivious to the fact that I could hear her. 743 more words


What's the Alternative?

Baselines matter, they establish what’s in and out of a target zone.  In baseball, the lines don’t stop a play and action. The lines determine if the hit is fair, and the player free to run to first base. 826 more words


Expecting Life To Be Fair Leads to Persistent Unhappiness

Shane Parrish recently wrote, “Expecting life to be fair leads to persistent unhappiness.” I think he’s right. The unfairness of life is difficult for some of us to deal with. 382 more words


There's always room

When I was in college I had a friend who would often approach a crowded table in the dining hall, bring up a chair, elbow her way in, and exclaim, “There’s always room for one more!” And there always was. 382 more words


Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“We love God because He is our father and loved us first and as His sons and daughters, he will make sure we get what we deserve.” ~ Jon Barnes…

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Daily Devotional


Many things that happen have repercussions most of which we don’t like or even expect. This last couple of weeks have brought about a large amount of repercussions after the tower block fire. 342 more words