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What if #246

What if your colleague had a smaller workload, a higher position and was getting paid 10 times more than you?



The economist Thomas Sowell is a true working class hero. He was born in the Jim Crow South in 1930 with his father dying shortly thereafter leaving his mother, a housemaid, with five children to raise. 1,835 more words


Fairness and the Original Position

Fairness, justice, and John Rawls are regular topics of conversation on this blog. The application of Fairness is a bit of a preoccupation for me, whether it’s through… 905 more words


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Fair and Still Fucked

The word ‘fair’ gets thrown around a lot, and of course ‘unfair’ is probably used as often. I’ve written in my book about words and phrases that I think need to be removed from the english language, and I included the phrase “life isn’t fair.”  Like so many other words, ‘fair’ is one that most people don’t seem to understand correctly.   714 more words


In all fairness, or unfairness...

Wow ! she is so fair. We always wanted a fair girl for our son”, she (my potential future mother-in-law) exclaimed, “You see we all are average colour… 484 more words