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Life works in different ways.  For instance I have this friend, actually you could hardly call her a friend now and most of my family and closer friends would argue ever, but our lives were not drastically different in the beginning.   823 more words


Here's hoping fairness and equality can win over small mindedness & bigotry

Is Tony Abbot’s statement that Liberal MP’s who vote for gay marriage will be sacked the actions of tyrant or simply another nail in the coffin for democracy. 1,335 more words


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Obtaining an olay Regenerist coupon is quite simple. You could visit Olay’s homepage, by signing up right here you could get aggressive rebates. For those who shell out 50 bucks on… 250 more words

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You find grocery stores selling whipping cream for use in your favorite desserts. However the disadvantage here is that you can’t eat as much whip… 293 more words

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Hispanic skin, black skin, and olive skin types do not provide a natural UVA and UVB radiation protection. Yes, these skin types all enrich in tone with sun, but they are just as likely to have damaged skin from the sun’s dangerous rays. 310 more words

Reflections on two ways people use their intelligence – defend a castle from all threats, or build an unwalled city from all that flows towards it?

Some people, perhaps more comfortable with complexity and ambiguity, gather up information and views, and slowly allow it to coalesce into tentative and then potentially firm positions. 1,404 more words



Shengliver’s Note: This teen writer has a heart of gold.


Last term I began to buy baozi for my classmates. I have no idea exactly when it started, probably at the time when we took our swimming lessons. 262 more words

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