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Tip Tuesday

Life isn’t always fair, but it is how we handle the unfairness that we can see who we can all potentially be.


Change Towards Sustainability

Eradicating excess should be a simple task,

If the land is being devastated and contaminated by the industrialization of cattle, then let’s eat less meat, same with fish, 21 more words

By Ori Aander

When You Say 'It's Not My Fault,' it Becomes Your Fault

Imagine for a moment that two people plan and carry out an armed bank robbery.

Just like you’ve seen in the movies. Wearing masks and carrying guns, they barge into a bank, force customers to the floor, demand the tellers hand over money from the registers, and coax the manager at gunpoint into giving them access to the vault. 1,262 more words


Bad Things and Good People

The age old question: why do bad things happen to good people?

This is often the question I receive upon sharing with another individual the fact that I choose to put my faith in a God I do not see, but of whom I believe is completely good and pure and perfect and caring beyond our comprehension. 872 more words


Afraid of the Dark? The Perilous Grey Space

There’s the light of the engaged: people who are committed into the organisation, driving it forward, valued and valuable. Then there’s the dark side: people who are uncommitted, detract from success, pulling us down. 341 more words

Social Age

Do you write your recommendation letters?

This is a question for both the people requesting letters of recommendation, and those who are signing the letters of recommendation.

About a month ago, a blog post-ish thing was published in  1,125 more words