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Do You Have Good Character?

Showing character is a full time job.  At school, at home, where ever you are, whatever you do. If you are looking for ways to show off your good character read the questions below.  244 more words

Class Assignment

moving to a new age

The world is changing.

We hear that a lot lately. Technology, society, East catching West, globalisation, consumerism, social media, virtual reality, robotics etc. Much is indeed changing. 332 more words

7 Shocking Things from the Rio Olympics

I’m outraged.

It’s 2016 and I’m a product of the PC generation. No, not personal computers. I have been taught by my government and the media that the most important virtues in our culture — above ALL else — must be fairness, tolerance, diversity and equality. 1,191 more words


Distribution is key to eradicating diseases

Distribution is a pillar of marketing, but distribution differs in fundamental ways between the for-profit and the public and social sectors. Millions of lives can hang in the balance. 605 more words


....of 'preferential,' lightning strikes, & politeness...

…”Apple must pay up to 13b euros in Irish taxes, EU rules”…”In Norway, a mountain littered with more than 300 reindeer struck dead in ‘one moment'”…”Canadians may be notoriously polite, but we might also be ‘overly sensitive’:survey”… 102 more words

It hardly seems fair that a 1300 pound cow had to give its life to feed my 80 pound dog...

There is no justice in the world – just ask the 1,300 pound cow that gave its life so my 80 pound dog could eat tonight. 25 more words

Bankruptcy Ends Gawker's Stare

By Casey Bukro

On the Chicago police beat, which I covered at the City News Bureau of Chicago, legend was that police sometimes arrested suspicious characters for mopery with intentions to gawk. 954 more words