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In which I rant at an entire state

Who doesn’t love a good rant?

I mean, you might not.  In which case you might want to get out of here.  You were warned. 414 more words


here lies justice, for

here lies justice, for
as long as anyone could
remember, only

a charming figment of a
distant imagination


Why do bad things keep happening?

I woke up this morning not in the best of moods.

When I got out of bed, and took a step, I knew that my back was out of sorts and I’d be pain most of the day.   1,516 more words

The power of promotion: Poverty simulations

Earlier this year, actress Gwyneth Paltrow tried living on food assistance for a week. She could some flack for her experiment, including in this Washington Post… 337 more words

Our Social Nature

Supporting one another

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DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Monday, July 6, 2015

Scripture reading:

Recognizing the other believers as brothers and sisters in the family God, the Christians in Jerusalem shared all they had so that all could benefit from God’s gifts. 526 more words


HISTORY IS BEING MADE at #NEARA15. Fred Klonsky from The Land of Lincoln...

Fred Klonsky at the #NEARA15 presented his bill approved by the IEA to all 10,000 delegates.


“The Illinois delegation voted support for my NBI 11. 126 more words



Since the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to strike down bans on same-sex marriage nationwide, my social media timelines have been inundated with comments and posts relating to this matter. 595 more words

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