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Motivational quote for December 1st 2015

I pity that man what wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth shall starve in the process. Benjamin Harrison


New Bill Hopes to Protect Child Models and Entertainers

By Clarissa Speyer-Stocks

CatlinSpeak (Portland, Oregon)

Despite many believing that there is a national standard that protects child actors or models within the entertainment industry, there is actually no federal law in place to determine how child actors and models should be treated on sets, at shoots, or even in regards to their payment. 541 more words


Why I don't use "participation" points

Do you think giving students “participation” points is a good idea? I don’t.

I’ve been promising for over two years that I’d be writing about why class credit for participation is a Bad Idea. 1,218 more words

So I Am Told

Happy Good Morning.

After you get done chuckling over last night’s jokes, here is a dose of Monday morning reality.

Steve knows that Life isn’t Fair

Aiken Bloggers

Being Fair to Myself

Sometimes the self-talk can be quite negative and tiring, like yesterday. I feel better now, though. I work on being positive and more objective about things. 41 more words



There is freedom that comes with life
God-given and irrefutable, so
where did it go? Some days
can feel like Auschwitz, but
he says. Don’t say that. 101 more words



I’m a deeply religious person
And though I don’t believe in cursing
As a spiritual individual
It will do no good at all
To try to take my rights away… 231 more words