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How to avoid Confirmation Bias

Just what IS confirmation bias?  In short, it’s drawing a conclusion that you WANT, by overlooking some evidence to the contrary or picking and choosing partial evidence to support or bolster your predetermined view. 248 more words



There are ombudsmen such
As God, who look at all the works

Carried against you and gives
You a lone hand to be the power of one, 105 more words


Lobby group addresses mental health issues

Published Challenge Weekly, 2000. Anglican vicar Rev Hugh Bowron says there is a gap in the mental health system in Wellington that may allow churches to use, what he calls, “attachment relationships”. 382 more words


Zero Sum Games

In a free economy everyone has the opportunity to get better because the economy is a non-zero-sum game.

Most people in developing nations would rather be poor in the U.S. 233 more words

Conflict IS NOT a 4-letter Word

Thank you to everyone who “liked” and messaged me on the launch of Resolution Pathways. You were all extremely supportive and encouraging. One Facebook message from my aunt in London, England said: … 592 more words

Getting to Know Reporters Builds Trust

Getting to know reporters builds trust: Pictures and bios of reporters are “trust indicators,” write Alex Curry and Natalie (Talla) Jomini Stroud about a Center for Media Engagement trust project experiment. 37 more words


Not so Magic Beans

So often, I talk to God about how I want to be the taco.


It’s an ongoing theme in my relationship with Him.

Yup. On the Mexican food plate of life, … 603 more words