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Provocative Writing for a Better World: #WorkingOutLoud on an Experiment for the Social Age

I knew the experiment was working when i felt uncomfortable: sat on the plane, with the first copy in my hand, i worried what other people would think, how they would respond to the writing, how they would feel about the ideas captured between the covers. 1,097 more words


His Tongue

According to Mister Frederick Douglass
in the late 19th Century, a young slave
was stopped on a trip back to the plantation
and quizzed by a bastard going the other way. 97 more words


Experimental subjects: better people or better economists?

Today’s article is a classroom experiment that looks at how people allocate resources. The experiment description below is quite detailed, but I think it is important to see how we get the (otherwise seemingly simple) conclusions. 1,256 more words

Dilemma - toleration or ?

I had not thought of a theme for today’s blog until last night when my neighbour held  a long noisy party which lasted until at last 3.30 am. 220 more words

Don’t shake Nixon’s hand

There is picture of me shaking hands with President Nixon. I’m sixteen and in a skirt so short it should be illegal. He is looking right at the camera, with the frozen smile he made a hundred times that day as a selected slice of the citizenry of Kansas was paraded before him. 51 more words

Z2: Favorite Posts

Support the Louisiana Non-Discrimination Act!

We are almost halfway through the Louisiana legislative session. Forum for Equality is moving forward with the Louisiana Nondiscrimination Act (LANA). This bill, authored by Representative Patricia Smith and designated as HB501, will protect LGBT people living and working in Louisiana from discrimination in housing, employment, and accommodations. 170 more words

Boston Globe Fakes Front Page

By Casey Bukro

The Boston Globe added another twist to a bizarre political season by publishing a satirical front page intended to show a future based on presidential candidate Donald Trump’s words and proclamations. 721 more words