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No Relief For Taxpayers

America’s middle class is disappearing rapidly. Increased taxation coupled with higher living costs are wiping out savings and making standards of living no longer tenable. Rather than respond to this problem those affected live in a depressed political apathy, throwing their support behind polar radicals like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump whose impressive rhetoric offers vague hopes of a better life. 1,283 more words


Why 'Having the IRS do your taxes for you' is such a HORRIBLE IDEA!

I think the Liberal Lefties have reached an all time low with this one. Most of us have known for a very long time that Democrats LOVE BIG GOVT, but this is the most egregious abuse of Gov’t ever offered up. 262 more words


Paul Ryan Has His Work Cut Out For Him: 3 Times Tax Reform Has Failed

With the ascension of Paul Ryan to Speaker of the House, there’s a fresh optimism among many in Washington that real progress could be made on several policy issues. 500 more words


Do You Honestly Think Conservatives Want No Gov’t & No Taxes? (Part 2)

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard professors or our overseers in the media say things like: “Conservatives just want no laws and no taxes,” which is absurd if you look at how ardently conservatives fight to bring the majority of our decision-making back down to the local level – … 1,225 more words

Trump Is Dusting Off the Ole "Wealthy People Don't Pay Their Fair Share" Playbook. Conservatives Lapping It Up.

Times have changed. The cadre of conservatives supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have tossed their hats in with the “Rich Must Pay Their Fair Share” crowd. 773 more words