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Yet Another Income Tax Suggestion

As we all know, my only real suggestion for income taxes is FAIRTax. Because the so-called “income tax” is not a legitimate tax at all, and should be abolished. 116 more words


Why we should eliminate the Corporate Income Tax

President Obama recently proposed a one-time 14% tax on international corporate earnings in order to fund a proposed $434 billion in infrastructure spending.  There’s one problem with this, 14% is still too high.  609 more words

The Economy

My Top 10 Resolutions for the New Congress (Part 1)

This is by Chuck Norris in Town Hall.

With the 114th U.S. Congress having launched Jan. 3, it’s time we the people step up and hold our representatives’ political feet to the fire in order to see real, demonstrable change that will heal and improve our country, especially during these last two critical years of Barack Obama’s presidency. 974 more words

Bring Out Yer Dead! It's Voting Day!

I am the Traveler:

On this day that establishes the difference between being an American and living in America… How many people out there understand every proposition on the ballad? 579 more words

U.S. House Votes to Cut IRS Budget

While I personally would like to see Lois Lerner criminally arrested for lying to Congress and pulling her “my e-mails” disappeared, I will take this small victory being reported by the… 150 more words


The Night Right Wing Talk Radio Was Actually Right

Could George Noory of Coast To Coast AM be a closet liberal? Could all the Obama birther nonsense, aliens and ghosts and Bigfoot walking among us all be ratings-building hype? 640 more words


Fair Tax, Flat Tax, Red Fish, VAT Fish

Ok, so it didn’t rhyme quite right, but I think it gets the point across today’s blog… Tax reform… Dear god why??? It’s simple; I am in the process of finalizing book three in the Mill Series (shameless plug… check)! 1,884 more words