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Walk Sew Good - an ethical fashion journey

The latest buzz when it comes to conscious consumerism – particularly in the wake of Fashion Revolution Week – has been focused on transparent supply chains and re-connecting with the people who make the items we buy. 1,250 more words


A very convenient way to support Aussie farmers

If you are looking for a way to support Aussie farmers while also avoiding the big bully chains, consider giving Aussie Farmers Direct a try. … 214 more words

My Life

My cup of tea!

I grew up in a coffee household, with both parents NEEDING several cuppas to get through the day, but I never really got into it. For anyone still in education thinking that they will never drink tea or coffee, let me warn you that something changes when you start work. 241 more words


Looking After The World's Turtles

It’s World Turtle Day today, the 23rd of May (I love to rhyme), and in honour of these magnificent creatures that are┬áso very endangered, SweetSilver is launching a little campaign. 422 more words



Yesterday, we were talking about Ethical and Sustainable Living, after church. All of which, I can’t actually envision, because I live with too much stuff. (And while I don’t like being materialistic, I like this stuff.) But then again, I also have all this knowledge that I manage to develop about Social Justice and all that, over the years since Year 8, that I’ve been mildly interested in it. 205 more words

Day To Day Thoughts


Mayamiko are a new favourite fairtrade brand for me. I have three of their patterned tees, and they make me happy!

Mayamiko by fairlyunfocused featuring… 31 more words

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