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Fairuz - Lamma Bada Yatathanna

Lamma Bada Yatathanna, an ancient Andalusian song, has had many versions over the years. This is one popular performance by Lebanese singer Fairuz. It is in 10/8 using the Samai Thaqil rhythm.

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Omar Souleyman: Digital passion for euphoric music’s sake

(Wrote this a few months ago but wasn’t published as intended)

We tend to think we are passionate music fans. We think we give it all at shows and we live music the most in this part of the world; specifically in Mexico and Latin America we get told again and again that the crowds here go wilder than anywhere else. 526 more words

How much do you know about Lebanese Cinema ? [infographic]

For someone who is interested and writes about Lebanese cinema, it gets really frustrating sometimes when people look at me clueless when I mention the next subject I’m looking forward to write about. 143 more words


Chronolgie des oeuvres des Frères Rahbani

Les frères Rahbani, Assi et Mansour, sont des compositeurs, musiciens, auteurs et dramaturges libanais.
On ne peut séparer Assi et Mansour dans la production musicale, littéraire et lyrique alors qu’ils signaient leurs travaux sous le nom des frères Rahbani. 136 more words


Evidence of a short film creating compelling and dynamic drama..

I was recently trawling the internet for bold, young and new film directors, as one does with their Saturday night, and came across an incredible film by a guy named Shady El-Hamus. 101 more words

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Getting to the hotel + downtown Sharm El Sheikh

January 2014 – Egypt had always been a priority on my travel list. However, it was a country I didn’t feel comfortable visiting on my own, a sentiment emphasized after the rise of the Arab Spring. 994 more words


Birds of Egypt: The Collared Kingfisher, "Fairuz"

This bright little beauty is what a cheap firework dreams of being when it grows up. “Fairuz,” or, as this word is translated into English, “Turquoise,” is this gorgeous bird’s name in Egypt. 454 more words