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Weather Or Not

They always say; beware the fair weather friend.

The one who will falter, when the good times end.

But no one prepares you for the foul weather chums. 210 more words

* Tatiana

Flower Fairy-Manicure

For my manicure this week I really wanted to challenge myself to do something difficult. I wanted to freehand a face into my nail design. I can draw a face just fine on a sheet of paper but translating that to a my .25 by .5 inch nail bed is a whole other story.  523 more words

* Tatiana

Etsy Shop Update

I’ve been sick unfortunately (it’s all this rain), so not everything is up in the shop yet following Baltimore Faerie Faire, but we do have two new listings! 86 more words


Flower Moon

Last night I had a hard time falling a sleep. It happens to me sometimes when I have a lot going on but I can’t say that’s the case right now. 397 more words

* Tatiana

I Will Watch Over You

Me; “Why am I so sleepy, it’s the middle of the day!” . . . as I stretch and yawn like a lazy kitten lounging in the sun. 61 more words

* Tatiana

Fairy Tales for Adults-Three Little Nights

<3 It’s just you and me my Love, for the next three night’s. <3
* Tatiana

Because You Love Me


I am the velvet red rose blushing at your touch
I am the sweet ripe orange dancing on your tongue 
I am the yellow ray of sunshine,warming up your face… 92 more words
* Tatiana