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Pursue Me

As a submissive I never refuse any sexual contact. I’m available to my Dom whenever, wherever, and however he chooses. This is the agreement because he is in charge of my body. 167 more words


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Beautifully said 💗

Feeling Kitty Kat Today

Woke up feeling particularly Kitty Kat today. I don’t know how it works for other Kitties out there but in my case, I don’t usually choose to be “Kitty Kat”, rather it’s a state of being I find myself in. 265 more words

Fairy Queen

What Turns Me On?

I wrote yesterday about feeling restless and how I’ve been treading water for too long now. I also mentioned how I feel change coming, I feel it not just as something that is coming but as something I have to help along. 416 more words

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Treading Water


I’ve been feeling restless lately, which I know sounds like a bad thing but I don’t necessarily see it that way. See I’ve been “restless” most of my life. 956 more words

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Time for hot yoga with my Hot Oberon!

I gotta say this week of Bikram yoga that my Love gave me is the gift that keeps on giving! 180 more words

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Dear Devine Spirit,


 Please make it all good and I promise I’ll be good. . . wait he knows me!




Please make it all good and I promise to TRY and be good!. 43 more words

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"The wines were also very good..." James Peake and the Steamer Rose

At the mercy of the winds

By the mid 1840s Islanders were well used to the convenience of having a regular steam packet service connecting them with the mainland through Pictou and the Miramichi. 890 more words

Charlottetown Harbour