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Fairy Queen Fashion-Weekend Gataway

As part of my birthday week celebration, Oberon is taking me away for the weekend. He rented a room for us by the beach and this fairy is going to get to play mermaid for two days and nights! 488 more words

True Love

His Beautiful Fairy Queen

Oberon; “I don’t think their trying to hurt your feelings baby, most people are clueless to the crap they do, why they do it and how it could affect others.  257 more words

* Tatiana

Fairy Dust and Cupcakes-Mani

I had a wonderful birthday. Spent the day with people I love, ate some yummy food that Oberon cooked for us and sat around the table laughing and talking until it was time for ice cream! 386 more words


Something Very Special. . .

I get messages from my Angels. Often it’s in Angel codes I get throughout the day. I’ve seen them for a long time now, but I didn’t know what these were until last year.   546 more words

* Tatiana

A Good Day

Everyday is a good day, I have His love, my families love and the care and support of special people. Every day, I get to wake up and feel that love deep in my heart and know  183 more words

* Tatiana


I feel I need to explain something. But don’t mistake this for an apology. This is not an apology, it’s a clarification.

My last post was a bit vague. 346 more words

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Five More Days. . .

Every year for about a month before my birthday, I struggle with what I have dubbed the Birthday Blues. I’m not sure how, or when or why this happens to me but it’s real. 443 more words

* Tatiana