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The Kitten and the Wolf

My lover is stretched out comfortably on the sofa behind me, I lay over him, my head is in his lap and he has petted my hair and my face to the point of complete and total relaxation. 703 more words

Fairy Queen

Many Guises

Long elegant jade green stalks, sway gently to the song of the warm breeze. Rows and rows of jade, woven and brocaded into fields on either side of me. 424 more words

Fairy Queen

Love and Lust

Lucky me, I have the best of both worlds! I desire my handsome Oberon in every way. He’s my best friend, my lover and the soul my soul longs for every moment of every day. 149 more words

Fairy Queen

Game Variety

The Queen calls for a fight-to-the-death to become something more pleasurable. The King just doesn’t get it.

Definitely been reading too much about Ancient Roman culture and gladiators.

Profane Comics

Feeling Better 😊

Still sick today but now I’m in the loving company of my Oberon and so I’m feeling much much better!! ❤

Fairy Queen

Feeling Icky!

I’ve been in bed all day with chills and an upset tummy. I hate being sick but I hate more how sensitive I get when I don’t feel good. 225 more words

Fairy Queen

Love Letter To My Children

My Dearest Pixie and Imp,

I want to start by saying that YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I want you to know that I don’t say this from the position of being your mother. 1,282 more words

Fairy Queen