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I used to drink this as a child

Sometimes all it takes is a trigger to make your remember, again. I was getting my hair cut and highlighted, and while the color was setting, my friend, the stylist, was proudly showing me photographs of the beautiful fairy house she made with her 10-yr. 954 more words


She is the Night - #Fantasy #Preview

A description of Ilys from Dark Fey:  Standing in Shadows, a Fey of the Light who was abducted as a childfey and, as a result, lives with haunting memories every day.   242 more words


An Introduction to Faery Reiki

Fairies, also known as the nature angels, are part of the elemental realm of air, fire, water, earth and ether. They reside in a dimension very close to our earth realm where they perform their divine mission of protecting nature and the animals. 655 more words

Nottingham Complementary Therapist

Friday (Fey) Fantasy - Summerfest

The vale for Summerfest was on the boundary of the village, set against the backdrop of Veryn Falls, a waterfall that plummeted steeply from the heights of the Ryvyn Mountains. 465 more words


A Dangerous Game - A Breaking Into The Light #Teaser

Behind them, where the portal exposed by the Great Gate’s falling melded two opposing realms into one, the shadows beneath the mountain heaved and hissed with the threatening vocalizations of the Reviled.  173 more words


Fairies and the "In-Between" Times

Fairies dearly love the ‘in-between’ times, like dawn, and dusk– and even the mid-point of the equinoxes, which lie in between the darker and lighter halves of the solar cycle. 197 more words


Friday Fantasy - A Night at the Temple

Under the protection of myriad lighted torches, which lined the main thoroughfare leading to The Temple, a steady stream of villagers soon began to approach from the forest depths where they made their homes, following the direction of a hand delivered invitation to dine and celebrate with the Healers, Temple Guardians and The Elders. 566 more words