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Fairy Tale Time - My Dragon Time

Sitting in her Fairy Woods, with “pause for thought”, and “rhymes in time”, sat Dragonfly Fairy of “forest ways” and Dragon friend:

Forest Ways:  what is it that my Fairy Muse?  304 more words


Twilight Fairy - Broken Heart Fairy

I’ve heard it said, that Fairies like to live, in the Heart of the Woods.  Whether that be Woods near you, or Woods near me, it’s hard to say!  320 more words


Christmas Fairy - Ivy Fairy

This Christmas Fairy seems to me, to be both an Ice/Snow Fairy, and a Garden Ivy Fairy:

Yet, do I feel that there is some Fairy Glamour here!  284 more words


Dark Fairy - Spider Fairy - Assassin Fairy

When you close your eyes this night, what is it that you dream in? Just the silver line of a Spider’s Web? It’s “more than enough”, do define this Darkest Heart, in Fairy Land: 272 more words


Fantasy Fairy - Snow Tiger Griffin

One of the most unusual Fantasy Fairy’s that I’ve ever seen, as she’s with her Snow Tiger:

Though, as I’ve just realized, there’s some Fairy Glamour… 207 more words


Fantasy Fairy - Fantasy Parrot

I quite like this Fantasy Fairy, and her Fantasy Realm :)

I like the fact that this Fairy, appears to be a Garden Fairy!  She’s standing at the front of a Meadow, which I suspect, is just one of the Fairy Realms of Fairyland.  168 more words


#FridayFantasy - Creatures of Jyndari - Maaygras

A chill wind nipped across his face, stinging his cheeks and tousling the platinum-blond curls of his hair as the storm, congesting in the sky above, began to kindle its impending fury.  525 more words