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Geocaching in the Fairy Realm

It was high time that I got out in to the woods again so I opened my geocaching map last week and had a look for a series that might tickle my fancy. 1,041 more words


Friday Fantasy - Broad Kingdom

Broad, Aspiring Kingdom; long Shaken,
Streaming with Translucent Love,
Kiss my Dreaming mind and Waken
All things Magical from Your Heights Above.

As I stare in the Sullen Twilight… 100 more words


Friday Fantasy - Behind the Oak Tree

Behind the Oak tree
Where None Can See
Live the Pixies,
One, Two Three.

You Cannot See Them
They Hide until Night,
Then They Emerge… 91 more words


Fairy Houses

Have you ever gone out in the forest looking for Fairy Houses ? I have :) And this is what I found :)


Shakespeare knew a thing or two

frolic round widdershins they go
songs a siren’s call
for the enchanted never noticing
the shadows dancing promises
terribly awesome tales all have one truth… 49 more words


The Swamp Fairy–“Fairy Houses”

After the Winter Solstice celebration, life seemed to settle down through the end of the year. That was fine by me. I had plenty to ponder and wonder about concerning the events that transpired with the Swamp Fairy the end of 2014.  1,500 more words


Friday Fantasy - Little Prytt and Simyn Snail Part Two

In spite of the shortness of their journey, Little Prytt kept a sharp ear tuned to the sounds coming from the forest. At any moment the ferocious crimson monster could careen out of the shaggy undergrowth or the bounteous, swaying treetops to terrorize them. 995 more words