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Funimation has posted the trailer for Fairy Tail movie Phoenix Priestess. The movie will be released in Dec 10 dvd blue ray. The story goes that Natsu and the band at fairy tail are asked by a priestess for aid as she find a way to get rid of the phoenix stone. 84 more words


Watch Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix (ENG SUB)

Fairy Tail’s first and latest attempt at a movie, titled the Priestess of the Phoenix was recently released on DVD a while ago, the movie has just recently been properly subbed with the correct translation and without even seeing it, I could say it would be a good movie. 114 more words

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Fairy Tail Movie (The Phoenix Priestess)

Lucy Heartfilia, a member of the rambunctious wizard guild Fairy Tail, meets a mysterious girl named Eclair and her friend Momon , a strange bird. Eclair has somehow lost her memory, and 62 more words


Fairy Tail and KOF

Fairy Tail and Kof XII news,First of all Fairy tail new movie has a 3 minute promo. The Promo isn’t translated but you can see the people of the Faiy Tail guild wanting to help out a young lady who Lucy bumps into on her way home. 69 more words


Fairy Tail move comes with manga

People who get advance tickets to the new Fairy Tail movie get a bonus manga bundled with it. The manga has signatures from the cast and 30 pages of hand drawn images from… 21 more words


Fairy Tail movie Trailer 2

The trailer for the fairy Tail movie has been released. Like all Shounen jump movies it is hard to place the movie in the series timeline. 54 more words