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Joy to the World (A Story of Winter) Part 2

Soon, her mama piled pancakes onto a plate. The whole family gathered around the table, grabbing for their breakfast as fast as they could. “Leave some for your mother,” their papa said, “She slaved over this meal.” 1,289 more words

Joy to the World (A Story of Winter): Part 1

Leika had only ever seen ice and snow and cold. Even the hand that held hers now was as cool and white as winter itself. Leika held tightly in return as she skipped forward. 1,117 more words

Glass Coffins #1

(Glass Coffins Part 1)

She stares
through glazed
windows, watching
the daisies
in the breeze.

It has been
four years.

Four years
since a huntsman… 103 more words

The Juniper tree

Today I read the story about the Juniper Tree, from the brothers Grimm. And man, stories back than sure were morbid. I prefer the original untouched stories way more than the ones we have today. 451 more words


The Little Brown Moth

Once upon a time, there was a room that had once been the private library of a wealthy family, who had lived on the same countryside estate for many generations. 969 more words

Flash Fiction

The Revolt Returns: Ep 2

“WOAH Nelly!!”

Tugging the reigns of Norman the Steed, Dustin the Determined halts her beautiful backside at the entrance to the server village’s nearby Forest of Broccoli Florets. 287 more words