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Keys to the House of Don... Stuart France


…”I do have my reputation as an I.M.O.M to consider.”

“An I.M.O.M?”

“An International Man of Mystery. And there, if you only knew it, is the first key.” 189 more words


Interview: Catherine Lomax, Gordon Craig Theatre

It’s nearly Easter, and at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage that means one thing: a new family musical. This year, it’s a fresh take on classic fairy tale… 670 more words

London Theatre

79 Words

One unedited sentence (plus a little more) from an upcoming Saturday serial that is definitely not a fairy tale, but does contain numerous fairies.

Through his annoyance and the discomfort, Fallon’s brows knit as he tries to remember the Urban Dictionary definition, “I declare that you’re full of shi-” he breaks off because there’s still no reason for her not to turn into a harpy and rip him to shreds if he insults her. 62 more words



A shudder of pleasure ran through the oak as the girl settled herself at its base. She pulled out her notebook of sheet music and unpacked her guitar from its case. 494 more words

Cathleen Townsend

Chasing Happily Ever After

There is a story little girls grow up with. The one where a handsome young Prince defeats every obstacle to save the Princess in distress. This is the stuff of fairy tales and a lot of older Disney movies. 304 more words

Biblical Thinking

Zhī’ Zhū and the Tradesman - 2

Continuation from: Zhī’ Zhū and the Tradesman – 1

“My children will not feed for some time.” The lilting voice had become a piercing screech and was now behind him. 576 more words