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The Great Fairy Fire (190) – Sifted and Drifted (Continued)

Whilst still sifting through small stones found in the Pan-Man’s sieve, Merlin the Great Wizard sleeps perhaps pondering upon a time far, far ahead. He dreams in a vat of gold immersed inside a sarcophagus whilst outside the Great Heron records all that is found in the Pan-Man’s pan in his Book Of The Dead. 625 more words

Discussion: The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Vasilisa Petrovna grows up in the Russian wilderness, where the icy tendrils of winter are never far away. She and her siblings while away the long winter nights huddled around the fire, listening to their nurse, Dunya, regaling them with fairy tales and folklore. 1,696 more words


The Great Fairy Fire (189) – Sifted and Drifted (Continued)

Immersed within Leprechaun’s gilding brew Merlin stews for a while and sleeps whilst Great Heron completes his write-up regarding the Wizard in the Akashic Record: also referred to as the Book Of The Dead. 572 more words

Instructions For A Walk In The Woods

Hi there! Please enjoy this short extract I wrote this evening on the dangers of venturing into the woods… keep the salt handy.

Tread softly on the woodland trail. 498 more words


No More Butterflies...

Let your flower blossom
And let its fragrance
charm me
Let your oceans
surround my island
And let its deepness
intensify my soul
Let your river flow… 462 more words

Ink Of Inspiration

Reviews of KIN S FUR

Here’s the very first review of KIN S FUR by Derek Newman-Stille of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, on his blog “Through the Twisted Woods.” The title of his review–“Telling Silences–is a perfect one for my erasure poems.

Grimms' Fairy Tales

House by the Lake (2017, Adam Gierasch): Why Mothers are Always Right

Spoiler alert!

It has been so long since I watched a movie so perfectly horrible (after the 2011 film The Oranges) that warrants a ridiculous review at last. 466 more words