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MY FIRST E-BOOK:The Planning, Drafting & Creation

Well, I had just told you folks about the fact that I had just written, illustrated, and published my very first Amazon Kindle e-book, and now I am about to explain to you all of the details of what goes into the creation of my very first e-book, but first let me take you back to the very beginning… 892 more words


Lightbringer 1

Lyliliana watched the flock glide and dip and soar. It was her favorite thing to do when her chores were done. The birds were blue and red and white against the black and gray of winter. 1,622 more words


Squirrel camp and the Sun

You may be wondering why squirrel camp is primarily powered by solar. Perhaps you didn’t know that; well, now you do, and you can begin wondering. 686 more words

Shorts Friday: Ripped Pages by M. Hollis

You probably don’t remember but I started this series (of course!!) last month. Basically the idea is that Fridays are perfect for reading short stories, both because we have so little time on that day & to get us into a proper reading mood for the weekend. 716 more words

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Everyone Affects One Another: An Into the Woods Review

As one makes their way through the majestic winding path of the forest, they affect their surroundings. Though they may enjoy their journey and make new discoveries, the leaves get stepped on, the animals run away, and the land may get polluted. 1,824 more words

Theatre And Fairytales


It croaks
and hops
and catches flies
and I hate it
and will obey it
until I throw it against the wall
and am forced to marry it

Fairy tales
I tell you

The Wizards of Once. Cressida Cowell

3.5 stars for this children’s fantasy adventure book.

This novel is the first in a new series by Cressida Cowell and it is a fun and scary adventure. 252 more words

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