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Happy News

My retelling of Cinderella, ‘Ashley’, will appear in volume 4 of the Clarion Call.

The Writing Life

Alice Inspired

Falling cards and flying mome raths
Herald Alice through the day
Nonsense riddles and twisting paths
Bring her mind to full dark play

Violent madness, Cheshire grins… 125 more words


Prayer to Cupid

Gentle child,
Sweetest night,
May your arrow
Now take flight.

Strike me with
A dream so fair,
A happy dream,
Without much care.

Give me wishes, 24 more words


The Dream Fairy

Upon a wish,
A crystal, clear,
In sparkling splendour
Of the night,
Your dusky dream,
Her ears can hear,
The blessed fairy
Of the light. 81 more words


Fairy Tale of the Month: March 2018 The Three Languages - Part One


I hear Thalia’s shuffle coming down the hall. I’m already in the comfy chair. To my surprise she comes through the study door, her Grimm pinned under her elbow, carrying Johannes, her arms wrapped around his stomach, and his legs hanging down. 1,690 more words

Fairy Tales

book review - Girls Made of Snow and Glass

I loved, loved, LOVED this book.

Magic  ✔

Fairytale Re-telling  ✔

Badass women  ✔

Complex relationships  ✔

Queer romance  ✔

Creepy magical heart surgery  ✔ 377 more words