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Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends from Around the World narrated by Baba Indaba, the ancient Zulu storyteller
Why buy the whole book when you can just buy the story! 255 more words

Folk Tales And Folklore

A King May Look at a Cat - a fairy tale

  By Lynne Lumsden Green

Felina strolled past the palace twice a day.  The royal guard dogs would get hysterical every time, slobbering and barking and quivering with their fury and rage, as she paraded in front of the iron gates.  360 more words

Fairy Tale Friday: The Red Shoes

Andersen’s Fairy Tales

by H. C. Andersen

The Red Shoes, 78-87

It opens with backstory:

“There was once a little girl; she was a tiny, delicate little thing, but she had to go about barefoot in summer, because she was very poor.

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Fairy Tale of the Month: June 2016 The Singing Bone - Part One


How many mental milestones do we pass in a lifetime? I am sure most of them go by unnoticed, like those tenth-of-a-mile markers on American turnpikes. 1,722 more words

Fairy Tales


Day 253

The sun beamed merrily down on the quaint village. It’s rosy roofs unfurled from the village center like petals; the streets gleamed like dark green vines. 53 more words

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Fairy Tale Friday: The Ugly Duckling (Modern Classics)

The Ugly Duckling – Modern Classics of Hans Christian Andersen
Quick thoughts: Andersen in carriage reading to children is a nice visual and thematic idea although I’m not sure he ever actually did that (did he?), humor at beginning is weird (“that’s what human do!”), at first I thought the ducklings were going to be jerks but they actually appreciated their brother, narrative set up for guns, better reasons for going away: namely his family aren’t jerks and instead he leaves out of sadness (at misunderstand in his mother’s meaning), no marsh, no children or house in winter, LOVED the ending where he went back and reconnected with his mother, resolved all the misunderstandings and gave a strong feeling of vindication for all the discrimination he experienced, more characterization (he defends mother, she defends him, his siblings miss him), more family positive, I liked the flow of the narrative


Fairy Tale Friday: The Ugly Duckling (Silly Symphony)

So last week I wondered if Disney had ever attempted “The Ugly Duckling.” Imagine my not-surprise when I found one.

Let’s start. Pardon the grainy pictures; it was not the highest quality. 214 more words