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Today, I Will Nap.

Well, I got through the Beautiful Freaks Fest with most of my brain intact.  I don’t feel it was my best writing, and the fiber arts/artifact creation/photography caused lots of insomnia, and nearly gave me a panic attack by Sunday.  386 more words

For a overseas Czech Friends

Dear friends,

some of you are lacking Czech fairytale stories. And I had a great opportunity to meet one cool man, a husband, the father which is not only reading stories to his kids, but he is also writing his own stories. 139 more words


Cats, and Tegs, and Wolves - Oh My! Huge 99 cents sale!

Hey folks, here’s your chance to pick up all three of my Tales from P.A.W.S. stories for just 99 cents. And despite what it says on the ad, it’s available everywhere – Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. 148 more words


The Hunt

The wold was dark under a moonless sky,

A rolling sea of obsidian and grass.

T’was the blood of my hands and your bonds,

That egged on a howling plague. 27 more words


rumpelstiltskin at the wheel

rumpelstiltskin at the wheel

pulls a cigarette from a brown carton,

lights the tip with the fire of his untempered

fury and takes a measured huff. 73 more words

Weekly writing check-in: the one with the glimmer

So this week I learned that my (very) short story Lucky received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Contest. I so seldom submit to places like Glimmer Train because I so seldom commit an act of literary fiction. 104 more words


Doors Between Worlds - "The Empress of Mars" & "The Eaters of Light" Reviews

Getting to the other side of those rather odd mid-season episodes to the traditional late-season standalone episodes before the two-part finale, it suddenly occurred to me that there is quite a strong and prevalent theme of imperialism running through series 10. 1,299 more words