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Why Stories Matter

People have been telling stories for as long as people have been people. They tell them and retell them times and again, presidents and kings and schoolchildren and factory workers. 302 more words

The Little Mermaid, Growing Up, and Sad Endings

I originally wrote this post in celebration of World Book Day back in 2017. It has been updated since then for Cloud Cafe & Coffee… 1,277 more words


Rapunzel, A Different Kind of Fairy Tale ~ fiction by Marie A Bailey

Once upon a time, a child was born with long, silky blond hair. In fact, she came out of the womb, not head first, but hair first. 1,528 more words


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Not to toot my own horn, but here I am tooting! I am honored to be included in this new online literary journal, The Disappointed Housewife. Many thanks to Kevin Brennan for kick-starting my own literary career by publishing my different kind of fairy tale. I hope you enjoy it!

What About Mermaids?

So, the previous post was brief but I was merely sharing the things that go on in one’s mind around 4:00 a.m. after a hallucination involving multiple mermaids and shortly after, a dragon. 192 more words

a beautifully imagined fairy tale

Snow & Rose, written and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin
published in 2017 by Random House
205 pages

This book is sooo beautiful. Just look at that cover. 272 more words

Chapter/middle Grade

Snow White Is Living (and Dying and Living) Forever

Has there ever been a more perfect fairy tale in the world than Snow White?

I ask this seriously, but also with residual glee from getting to work with it while writing a short story. 644 more words