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The brothers were still oblivious to the presence of the little critter. That was until Lucian gave Bron a good, hard shove sending him sprawling over their latest victim. 728 more words



“So a guard, a tinker and a Lord walk into an inn…””For God’s sake Bron! I’ve heard that ruddy joke four times in the past week. 412 more words



Mallot Westin was a simple librarian. Similar to most other residents of Graegen he liked structure and order. Each morning he would wake with the sun and lie in bed for a minute or two, basking in the orange-yellow glow that peeked through the plaid curtains into his bedroom. 231 more words


an unexpected (ok, not entirely) anniversary

long before i became a librarian, i visited plenty of libraries. i borrowed tons of books, even if i never finished all of them. but one which i took out frequently and always completed is one that has withstood the test of time. 53 more words

Popular Culture

The Other Rapunzel

A girl a girl with golden hair,

Fell down a well, her legs were bare. 131 more words


The Midnight Land I is Free Today!

Free Fantasy!

Yes, why not grab a free copy of The Midnight Land I, free today on Kindle?  If you’re tired of summer and ready for something a little more chill, I guarantee it will cool you right down.  32 more words

The Well

I came across this old well in the woods the other day.  I stopped and looked at it for a long time, mesmerized  by the dark water and the green mosses that have made their home along its rim. 491 more words