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Circuits and Slippers: An Anthology Review

I’ve been given the opportunity over the last several weeks to work with some of the writers from Circuits and Slippers to promote the anthology, and now, I have the pleasure of telling you my thoughts on the collection as a whole. 317 more words

Book Review

She Makes Her World Beautiful 

​You remember the moment when you held her in your arms for the first time. She was soft as rose-petals… innocent… immaculate. You felt your heart brimming with love for her when she was born and you first saw her… My little Sister… My Daughter… My Fairy… you proclaimed. 175 more words

Upcoming Events

I’m so excited for October! Not only because it’s Halloween (my favourite holiday), but because my book will FINALLY be out in the world, growing little legs and running far, far away. 149 more words

Colours of Good Morning

It was time for school, and the boy left his home with the bag on his shoulders. The boy. That’s how he came to think of himself. 397 more words


Ash: Book Review

The book “Ash” by Malinda Lo was published September 1, 2009 and it is quite the fairy tale with an unsuspected ending. Ash lives in a small town with her mother and father, and her mother is one of the last few people who truly believes in fairies and magic. 426 more words


The Three Little Pigs

Basic Plot Summary: Three little pigs are sent out into the world to seek their fortune and each builds a house to protect himself. The first and second pigs build their houses of straw and sticks, respectively, and a wolf blows them each down and eats the pig. 792 more words

Fairy Tales

Leaving Home


Once upon a time, there were three little Bunnys: Moaca, Munchkin, and Muffin. They had big, fluffy white tails and brown bodys. One day, their parents called them into the family room. 671 more words

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