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Fantasy Fairy Dance - Masquerade Ball

Where is it, that the Flower Fairies go, when they dance across the “stepping stones”, of a “hand in time”, donned Fairest Glamour; with a… 272 more words


Feline Fairy "Woodland Imp" - The Cat of Fairy Glamour

Upon a stroll one day, within a Woodland Realm, with a “smile of mischief” upon my lips, did I find a “purrrrrr”, and a Fairy of the Woods, who was more akin, to “Fairy Fay”: 329 more words


Flash Fiction Challenge, The Unicorn

The air is sweet as flowers, tart as leaves, chilled, yet warm as breath and blood.

I’m blinded by glare.

She stands in regal glory. A breeze whispers through her white mane, tail, and coat; eyes blue as sky; alabaster hooves. 60 more words


Mini DIY- magic and fairies

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives.

I am a lover of fantasy and have always been drawn to the whimsical. I wanted to display this love in my home without overdoing it. 

251 more words

Christmas Fairy - Ivy Fairy

This Christmas Fairy seems to me, to be both an Ice/Snow Fairy, and a Garden Ivy Fairy:

Yet, do I feel that there is some Fairy Glamour here!  284 more words


Dark Fairy - Spider Fairy - Assassin Fairy

When you close your eyes this night, what is it that you dream in? Just the silver line of a Spider’s Web? It’s “more than enough”, do define this Darkest Heart, in Fairy Land: 272 more words


Fairy Queen of Garden Bugs

An unusual Fantasy Fairy, who I find in this Garden Realm, with just a “bug or two”:

I’ve not really thought about Fairies interacting with Garden Bugs before, but here we are!  213 more words