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Fifteen Years Ago

Flannery was in 8th grade.

Lucy was in fifth grade.

Norah wore fairy wings and was not quite three.

My sister called me to turn on the television and I said, “Which channel?” 1,004 more words

Fairy wings

I need some fairy wings for Costume College so I whipped a set up.¬† (Doesn’t everyone¬†NEED fairy wings at some point in their lives?) Not being one to buy something like that, I decided to make some. 273 more words

Completed Projects

The Moon

My latest creation in the Fairy Series.



CALLING ALL BUTTERFLIES, BATS, ANGELS, FAIRIES, AND DRAGONS! We have beautiful wings for you to see and, if you desire, links to purchase! KOIQOUISE picked out 5 wings for the 5 flights, and you can check them out below! 67 more words

My obsession continues

It seems that I am into a new obsession; creating surreal composites featuring our beautiful daughter. Thankfully she doesn’t mind posing for me in all sorts of positions, although I have to make sure not to push my luck (especially when she is tired or hung over, or both!). 64 more words



My daughter kindly agreed to model for me for this creation.


Fairy Land

I am trying my hand at something slightly different. The inspiration came during a walk to Kananaskis Falls the other weekend when we came across lots of little mushrooms, runs offs from the mountains and mossy woods. 6 more words