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Mini DIY- magic and fairies

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives.

I am a lover of fantasy and have always been drawn to the whimsical. I wanted to display this love in my home without overdoing it. 

251 more words

Christmas Fairy - Ivy Fairy

This Christmas Fairy seems to me, to be both an Ice/Snow Fairy, and a Garden Ivy Fairy:

Yet, do I feel that there is some Fairy Glamour here!  284 more words


Dark Fairy - Spider Fairy - Assassin Fairy

When you close your eyes this night, what is it that you dream in? Just the silver line of a Spider’s Web? It’s “more than enough”, do define this Darkest Heart, in Fairy Land: 272 more words


Fairy Queen of Garden Bugs

An unusual Fantasy Fairy, who I find in this Garden Realm, with just a “bug or two”:

I’ve not really thought about Fairies interacting with Garden Bugs before, but here we are!  213 more words


Fantasy Fairy - Snow Tiger Griffin

One of the most unusual Fantasy Fairy’s that I’ve ever seen, as she’s with her Snow Tiger:

Though, as I’ve just realized, there’s some Fairy Glamour… 207 more words


Flower Fairy - Lily Fairy

A lovely Fantasy Fairy, sitting in a lovely Garden Lily:

When I look at this Fairy, I find myself thinking of both Lily and Swan!  The Lily is the flower and the petals.  208 more words


Sunday Gnomedays 9-17-17

Time again <3 To go with last week’s, for a reimagining of something else I create… (again, more on that soon).