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Interlude: Isobel & the Fairie Queene

When Isobel met the Fairie Queene

To know the secrets she was keen;

But the Gentry have to test one first

To see if your skills are well rehearsed. 66 more words

Kit Marlowe

Mythical Creatures: Medieval Elves

It is a fairly common belief that the legend of elves was created by JRR Tolkien amongst other now popular mythical creatures that he created. However, Tolkien simply popularised the creatures, and legends of elves have existed for centuries as a distinct legend from fairies (although the two legends often get conflated). 1,746 more words

Prologue: Theme song

A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you’re fast asleep

In dreams you will lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for you keep… 43 more words


Chapter 1: Destiny

What makes love worth the while, what makes it so mysterious, is the belief that it is predestined. The lady who appears before your eyes is only so valuable in the sense that if you had not missed the bus that day, if you had taken another route, if you had gotten up one minute earlier or later, you would not have met. 499 more words


Chapter 2: Charon’s everyday life

“Welcome back, ma’am,” Charon gave a slight bow of the head to the lady coming into the house. It was Mame Treina, mistress of the house. 438 more words


Chapter 3: Revival

That winter, one day, when Charon opened the curtains, she froze in shock. For months, Dradel had showed up every day at the backdoor, regardless of the weather, and regardless his condition. 884 more words


Chapter 4: Pinkness

Charon’s life went on without Dradel, but she managed all the housework with as much precision as she had before he ever entered her life to give her a helping hand. 974 more words