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Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar - Lush Review 

Move aside, Snow Fairy, theirs a new Sprite in town.

When it comes to products containing glitter my heart jumps for joy, as I am a huge for of anything sparkly!

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The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury

[ Fairy / Effect ]

During your Standby Phase, if you controlled this face-up card and had no cards in your hand at the end of the opponent’s last End Phase: Draw 1 card.

ATK / 0   DEF / 1700

Yu-Gi-Oh! - TCG/OCG

#214 Reaffirming game

We had a great day today at a sweet little boy’s Christening. And trust me when I say, there were A LOT of kids.

All the better for baby girl. 193 more words


My Art-venture 9/24/16

It always starts with a sketch…

Then some color is added. I ADORE fairy wings. They’re so much fun to paint. It’s interesting to me though because I don’t think that they’re ever to scale. 132 more words


The Ride of a Lifetime

Here’s another piece of flash fiction – a twist on fairy folklore. I hope you like it! Kim.


In my Hector Mortlake books, the plot is interspersed with stories told by other characters.  Here is an extract from the latest, the third adventure, during which Laird Baird recounts a strange encounter from his childhood. 1,508 more words

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