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Baby Photo Art with Carmen Medlin Stencil Designs

Howdy everyone! I’ve got a tutorial for you today to make a foresty-fairy art piece featuring a baby photo and some of my designs at… 431 more words


Sorcerer to the Crown

A magical regency tale where magic has stopped being brought into England, war ravages miles and countries away and the Society of Unnatural Philosophers has just gained a new Sorcerer to the Crown… an African whose mentor (the previous Sorcerer to the Crown) has disappeared and Zacharias has taken up the staff which may only be held by the true Sorcerer to the Crown. 528 more words

February 9th - Jessie meets a firefly

Jessie crossed her eyes and stared down towards the ground. The glowing ember sitting on the very tip of her nose pulsated with light.  Its wings lightly buzzed as  Jessie growled and then swiped at her nose with her paw. 649 more words


Monster Monday: Cù Sith

We all know about vampires and werewolves, or at least we think we do. The legends and myths that inspired these monsters are sometimes surprisingly different, but no less chilling. 193 more words


GIVEAWAY - The Wooden Fairy Door Store

We at EventualMother.com have teamed up with the wonderful people at The Wooden Fairy Door Store to bring you a very magical GIVEAWAY!!!

One of these amazing medium Fairy / Hobbit Houses could be winging it’s way to you, you just gave to do the following… 113 more words


chapter Fifteen

I toss and turn all night thinking of the argument and Connors reaction to my painting. I sigh, turn and thump my pillows for the hundredth time. 1,560 more words