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Where are the Introverts?

I wonder, is there room in this world for introverts.

Now that people are expected to market themselves like products.

What about the ones who prefer solitude every once in a while? 63 more words


Did the cinderella shoes do their magic?

A few years ago, I wrote a short piece on my cinderella shoes.

The cinderella shoes 

When the world is blue
and I can’t seem to find my rose tinted glasses, 231 more words

Halloween With The Collective SF

I’m busy with a novel called ‘Hameln-13’ for The Collective SF that will come out either in December or January next year. This is another shared universe setup, but with a slight difference. 152 more words


The Cloud Man and Ms. Hope.

The Cloud Man approached with care and cause the woman he knew would have his answer.

Ms. Hope watched on as The Cloud Man lost his arms and his arched billows became wisps, preparing her remand. 55 more words


31 Days of Romance - Day 8

What if you aren’t what one might call traditional?  Even the word “romance” makes you want to gag.  Well if you have read to this point, you have learned that romance is not bells and whistles, but instead, at it’s core, simple and sweet kindness.   385 more words


Bittersweet and Strange

Once upon a time, there was a bright young woman named Belle, who was pretty enough, except she loved to read. No one knew what to think about her. 376 more words