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we never attended the ball. we bailed at the last minute, sitting on the hood of your car in our dresses under the stars. the dancing went on without us but there was nowhere we’d rather be. 142 more words


The basket of ignorants

Queen Lucy looked at the bright orb. She knew this mauve orb decked in black had an important connotation but couldn’t remember what. She heard the hoofbeats of Willard, her brother, the High King’s horse close by. 66 more words

Flash Fiction

The Tin Soldier, Festival Theatre Edinburgh

by guest critic Liam Rees

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company’s The Tin Soldier is a charming and inclusive alternative to the traditional pantomime. As a company specialising in making work with disabled people, it makes sense for the company to have chosen to adapt Hans Christian Andersen’s story as it’s one of the few children’s stories to feature a disabled protagonist. 318 more words


The Power of a Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time … ” – remember, as a child, in the evenings, our journey into the magic world began with these words. And we, with our feet on the sofa or the bed, were clinging to our father or mother, barely breathing, as to not miss anything, listening … And together with Gerda we tried to melt the icy heart of Kai; together with Cinderella dreamed of going to the ball and awaited the appearance of the Godmother; together with Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” tried to love the furry and frightening beast. 970 more words

Reverse Fairytale Swan Princess - Short Story

Reverse Fairy-tale – Swan Princess

Odette and Siegfried had lived happily for many wonderful years, running a successful kingdom and spending each day falling more and more in love. 783 more words


Fifty Word Fantasy: Tinsel and Candy

“When I wished to become an elf, I was thinking World of Warcraft, not three feet tall and making toys.”

Tinsel offered her an eggnog. 60 more words