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Yes, I know I’ve missed a week – but I was moving INTO MY OWN CASTLE!!

This is not true, but I did move nearer a castle,  and no, I shan’t tell you which one. 148 more words


The Moon, the Stars and the Night (Fairytale)

Once upon a time, long long ago;

There lived the moon, up in the sky.

Her beauty was unmatched,

the fairest of fair,

revered across the lands… 373 more words


Dragon Cursed 1.6

Logan sat beside Sammie’s bed, his mind running through the events of the day. “She’ll rest for now, but her injuries are dire. She many never fully recover,” his fairy godmother said. 506 more words

Fairy Tale

The First Lost Boy

In this wasteland of shadows,

A lost boy is found.

Hailed as king by the forgotten knights,

Destined to conquer,

Destined to prosper,

The boy king will rule forever.


Ole-Luk-Oie the Dream God-Wednesday

Ole-Luk-Oie the Dream God-Wednesday

On Wednesday, Ole-Luk-Oie came to Hjalmar and asked him if he wanted to go sailing. Hjalmar did want to go sailing and they found themselves upon a ship. 890 more words

Hans Christian Andersen!!

Style Inspiration: Meghan Collison for Harper’s Bazaar Germany April 2015

Warm greetings from Morocco! Really warm, it’s summer here already :) And this is why I am sharing this editorial, an ode to a lavish summer afternoon on th Italian coast (actually these are all my assumptions, not the actual description or script of the photo shoot). 70 more words

Project Fairytale