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Do you know the story of Goldilocks? Do you know she spent most of her waking hours trying to find something that felt just right? Do you know that by the end of her life, her fingertips were both so burnt and so frost bitten that—had this not been a fairytale—everyone would say that both existing simultaneously on the same spot of skin is impossible. 664 more words

Whimword - Soupçon

Childless couples kept coming to Gepetto’s for years after he fled to the country, looking for any way that they could share his success in finding a “real” son or daughter. 471 more words


86 KISSBANKERS e 3516 Euro

Tanta soddisfazione e un infinito grazie a tutti i nostri sostenitori! E’ ufficiale adesso!!

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What Are You Watching Right Now?

What are you watching right now….

Is the question I use to judge most people I know or meet.  If they are the average millennial they will most likely answer with any of these shows; House of Cards, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, … 503 more words

*. The Princess and the cig *. 

Parody sketch by me. She should give up smoking, its bad for your health


I sit on the subway and think
Flying through  the fields of the mind
Straying between a broken link
Of the chains that our bodies bind… 59 more words