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Moana and Feminine Symbolism

As Moana’s grandmother retells: “In the beginning there was only ocean until the mother island emerged with the greatest power ever known–it could create life.” The mother island Te Fili is beautiful and serene – an all-powerful mother-creator. 4,127 more words

Pop Culture

Fairy Tales.

There’s a time when you start believing in fairy tales and happily ever afters.
And it’s hard to make you stop.

Then comes the time when you stop believing in fairy tales and happily ever afters. 10 more words

What has Rumple done? - Once Upon a Time - (Review)

Rumple has officially screwed everything up. In my opinion there is no hope left for this man. He has made some terrible decisions in the past but now he has made the worst one he could ever make. 739 more words

Tv Shows

The Great Fairy Rescue - Part 2 of 24

“Oh, there you are, Sabine.” Marciana tip-toed out from her hiding place, dusting her feathers and tucking her scarf tighter around her little body. “You missed her, Marcy! 185 more words


Fairytales Only Exist In Stories

She did not end up with her
Even when she loved her so much
She thought she would die for her.

She watched her marry someone else. 78 more words



Who Not to Trust lists five suggestions from me as to who to be very wary of in the fairytale/fantasy world.  Can you add to the list? 242 more words

K.M. Shea...Reinventing Fairy Tales.

This past year I found an author who in my opinion reinvents some of the classic fairy tales such as Beauty & the Beast, Cinderalla, The Little Mermaid and the Snow Queen. 236 more words