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What Princesses Do

What Princesses Do

Not just any princess, mind you
but a real fairy princess from back
before it was all monetized
who didn’t begin as a princess… 98 more words

For my next fairy tale...

I’m thinking of Jim Kirk and the Seven Vulcans.

Anybody in?

Star Trek

The Frog Prince: Told from the perspective of Genevieve

(This is another assignment from my Writing Class. We had to take a fairytale and rewrite it from a different characters POV than the original story. 3,280 more words


#OUATT Once Upon A Twisted Time Features: MENDED by @EmilyCyrAuthor

Mended by Emily Cyr

Marin has spent her life inexplicably feeling like a part of her very being was tattered. As a result, she has dedicated her life to restoring antique art and has become the best in her field. 334 more words

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Fairy rings within

This little forest

Causes a lost

In direction

Within the wanderer

Who fairies

Led astray

-Kel Dayheart

'Mirror, Mirror' - A Poem

You are just out of reach,

A beautiful dream,

A ideal I wish to hold tight.

I’ve seen what lies beyond the surface,

I’ve seen you fight, 119 more words


Childhood fantasy

He’s right… by the time you reach an age with double figures, fairy stories are for babies… and you are no longer a babe. In just the same way that we cease admitting to the guilty affection for the music our parents liked as we grew, so do the books of early childhood get left upon the shelf… at least when anyone is looking. 479 more words