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Yesterday my young coworker asked me if I had heard the news of another school shooting. She said eight people were dead. It’s not the first time that she has told me about a school shooting while we are at work. 405 more words

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The Oleaginous Toady

I have been praying for some time that the president will be removed from office but I admit that I don’t know whether the VP would be any better. 507 more words

Faith And Culture

Briefing: LGBT curriculum passes in IL Senate, Beth Moore pens open letter on sexism

Beth Moore pens open letter on sexism
A member of The Gospel Coalition’s Council has released an open letter, giving an apology to noted evangelical Bible teacher Beth Moore over the sexism she has experienced in some church leadership environments. 385 more words


Abdu Murray's book, Saving Truth to Launch on May 8th

by Rob Lundberg

Those of you who have seen my postings where I have referred to our being a “post-truth culture” may be wondering where does this come from. 1,338 more words

Rob Lundberg


Meetings are an occupational hazard for people in ministry. Sometimes it seems to me that no ministry can actually happen unless there is a meeting involved—and the more meetings, the more important the ministry. 690 more words


The Social Media Dilemma and Courage to "Unplug"

By Joe LaGuardia

The first thing my son does in the morning is open his laptop and watch his favorite YouTube channel.  My daughter checks her social media pages.  746 more words



Earlier this year, I was saddened by two deaths that happened around the same time. Billy Graham died and his death was followed by that of Stephen Hawking. 706 more words