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Thanks for my free lunch...and more

I have a mushy memory from kindergarten about the little half-pint cartons of milk. I wanted to have milk at snack time like the other kids. 1,080 more words

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GET OUT - a film by Jordan Peele Movie Review by Fr. James DiLuzio C. S. P.

Imagine a thriller-comedy combo that is clever, engaging and well-acted that offers intellectual stimulation while it entertains. This is GET OUT by the inspired and multi-talented director, screenwriter and producer Jordan Peele (of the comedy duo Key and Peele).  609 more words

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The Shack - a short movie review by Paulist Father James DiLuzio

THE SHACK , movie directed by Stuart Hazeldine

THE SHACK movie effectively brings the best-selling book to the screen.  Its power lies in its presentation of the ways we approach evil through our concepts of God, justice, mercy, hope and everyday living.  114 more words

Faith And Culture

Reflections on Columbine

Eighteen years ago, two high school students plotted a massacre at Columbine High School, which is only about twenty miles from my home. On April 20, 1999, they killed twelve students and a teacher in one of the most deadly school shootings in U.S. 1,044 more words

Faith And Culture

The Briefing: Abortion 'vital' to Planned Parenthood mission, Church sued after baptism made public

Clash of worldviews on defunding Planned Parenthood
Evangelicals have long advocated for the end of government funding of Planned Parenthood. President Trump recently offered to keep the funding in place if Planned Parenthood would agree to stop performing abortions.   353 more words


Beauty and the Beast, and What to do About it


I just saw an article about Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast due in theaters on March 17.  (As a side note: the article headline, which I reposted on Facebook, indicated Christians should boycott the movie…I wasn’t posting the link as an endorsement of the call to boycott, or an argument that we shouldn’t.  970 more words