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Throughout the course of this past summer we have been hearing from the media reports about Planned Parenthood purposely aborting babies in order to harvest their body parts to sell to different companies for medical research.   249 more words


365 Days of God's #Promises -- Day 240 #365daysofGodspromises #WarRoom

Tonight we went to see War Room. If you haven’t seen it, you should! This verse is proven throughout the movie and it brings such joy to my heart.


#AshleyMadison : The Attack on #Marriage

In recent weeks the media has been discussing the leak of personal details of clients using a major dating service which focuses on fostering adulterous relationships.   234 more words


Cool Upcoming Catholic Film & Writing Events!

There are so many cool upcoming Catholic media events that I wanted to highlight them here for you:

JP2 Inter-Faith Film Festival

The upcoming JP2 Inter-Faith Film Festival, held in Miami, FL, from October 8-17, 2015, is coming up! 277 more words

Faith And Culture


In the Gospel of St. John Christ declares seven “I AM” statements.  The significance of using the phrase “I am” needs to be understood in the context of Moses encountering God in the burning bush on Mt. 147 more words