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Potatoes and gravy, yams, pumpkin pie, and of course a possibly unhealthy helping of turkey cover your overflowing plate. And turkey’s are literally EVERYWHERE from social media posts to the decorations that scatter every other store window. 302 more words

Faith And Love

The Pure and Simple Gospel

I realized today some of you reading these may not be saved/ know the gospel. The Lord has laid it upon my heart to share this with those of you who may not know the whole story. 1,107 more words

Faith And Love

Don't worry.

I don’t know about you but there have been many times in my life when I felt like nothing would go right. I often find myself stuck in the mindset of “I’ve got to get everything figured out.” But I never can. 255 more words

Faith And Love

Be Bold!

Wherever you go, you’re going to run into people who don’t believe or even want to believe in Jesus. Some of these people might ridicule you or challenge your faith. 537 more words

Faith And Love

Power in Prayer

I’m sure many of you have heard about what has happened in Las Vegas this past weekend. It’s a terrible thing to hear of so many lives taken. 274 more words

Faith And Love

What is love?

 Everybody deals with feelings; whether it be that feelings control our every move or maybe we don’t let emotion into our lives at all. The most powerful emotion, no matter who you ask, is Love. 359 more words

Faith And Love

No Drop Is Too Small

And I rode my bicycle 52 kilometers each time to honor his cheerful giving…