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Does Atheism Require Blind Faith?

I sometimes hear people say something like this: “I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in God or in life after death because I’m too rational. I’m too scientific to believe in that stuff.” 1,355 more words

Redeeming the Christian Mind, Part 1 - Some Biblical Starting Points

Summary: Your mind is a gift of God, and like everything else entrusted to you, it should be offered to God in stewardship, devoted to God in discipleship, useful to God in service, and focused on God in worship.

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Paul the Apologist

I recently re-visited a fascinating account in Scripture of the apostle Paul that presents a great example of apologetics! Paul is put on the spot to defend his actions in front of the powerful authoritative figures of Festus and king Agrippa. 919 more words

Devotional Thoughts

No Blind Faith Here

A Modern Misconception

For many people, the term “blind faith” is redundant. The popular assumption is that a sort of blindness is inherent, and often intentional, in religious faith. 1,896 more words


I'll Take An Order of God With A Side of Universe Pt 4

God.  That is the answer.

There is some incredible, cognizant force directing energy places it should not be.  It is God.

There is some Order Bringer that started the whole system of order.  177 more words

I'll Take An Order of God With A Side of Universe Pt 3

Still with me?  Are you, hopefully, beginning to grasp the immensity of the problem?

If you need one more push, consider that, according to some string theorists, there would need to be 10^500 additional universes than this one to explain the incredibly intricate systems of our universe. 341 more words

I'll Take An Order of God With A Side of Universe Pt 2

So, how did it go yesterday?  Hopefully it made your brain hurt a little.

Were you able to picture things like a foot randomly growing out of your ear or your dog turning into a mattress?  385 more words