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 We can view these conflicts either as power struggles between state authority and religious movements or as conflicts between secular and religious convictions. Hebermas, Book: An awareness of what is missing. 

The mentality of the hard core of the “born again Christians” is marked by a fundamentalism founded on literal interpretation of holy scripture. This. mindset, whether we encounter it in Islamic, Christian, Jewish or Hindu form, clashes with fundamental convictions, of modernity. 101 more words

Faith And Reason

A modernisation threatening to spin out of control tends to counteract rather than to complement the precepts of its morality of justice. Author:Hebermas, Book: An awareness of what is missing

My motive for addressing the issue of faith and knowledge is to mobilise modern reason against the defeatism lurking within it. Post-metaphysical thinking can cope on its own with the defeatism concerning reason which we encounter today both in postmodern radicalisation of the “dialectic of the Enlightenment” and in the naturalism founded on a naive faith in science. 55 more words

Faith And Reason

Faith remains opaque for knowledge in a way which may neither be denied nor simply accepted.                     Book: An awareness of what is missing. Author: Hebermas  

This modern reason will learn to understand itself only when it clarifies its relation to contemporary religious consciousness which has become reflexive by grasping the shared origin of two complementary intellectual formations in cognitive advance of Axial Age. 132 more words

Faith And Reason

Belief, Insight, and the Truth-Telling Thing

The Catholic life sometimes runs: Insight first, then belief. You see a truth and then happily find the Church teaches it. But it often runs: Belief first, then insight. 195 more words


Chapter 10 - The Dance of Reason -“In Principio Erat Verbum”

Joyously through the woods on
The dance of freedom
We came to a bridge where I
Froze in my tracks

“What? This on the path of the… 3,257 more words


Medium in which sons and daughters modernity communicate                           Hebermas

Viewed from the perspective of cognitive advance from mythos to logos, metaphysics can be situated on the same level as all of worldviews which emerged at that time, including mosaic monotheism. 112 more words

Faith And Reason