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In which a Catholic priest explains evolutionary biology

The common view of the relationship between faith and reason, at least at the level of YouTube comment boxes, is that there isn’t one. A relationship. 249 more words


A Brief Explanation of Why I Became Catholic

It’s hard to say what was the biggest factor which led to my conversion. There were really a few factors which worked together. I think it is important to keep in mind that we don’t tend to change our minds based on a single argument or even arguments alone. 851 more words


Knowing and Being Known: Introductory Thoughts

I did not begin studying philosophy until I was 4 years into my Masters degree (which took me 8 years and 11 months to complete). For the longest time I viewed philosophy as a discipline for really smart people. 1,816 more words

Faith And Reason

God and Science

Did you know that the Big Bang Theory supports the Bible and the story of creation? In fact, a Catholic priest, Father Georges Lemaire, proposed the theory in the first place. 176 more words


Patrick Leigh Fermor on the Efficacy of Prayer (particularly monastic prayer)

“After the first postulate of belief, without which the life of a monk would be farcical and intolerable, the dominating factor of monastic existence is a belief in the necessity and efficacy of prayer; and it is only by attempting to grasp the importance of this principle–a principle so utterly remote from every tendency of modern secular thought–to the monks who practice it, that one can hope to understand the basis of monasticism. 177 more words

Faith and Reason Part II: When Knowledge Becomes an Idol

I established in an earlier post that faith and reason, although different, ought to be viewed as gifts from God that enhance one another. They need not sit in contradiction.  996 more words