When we think we can get away with it, we are all capable of harming another human being to get what we want.

Fortunately, most of us will not commit heinous sins or crimes, as have been seen in recent days.

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Rest from Life's battles

Do not sit staring into the darkness overlong

Do not gaze into the abyss so long that you become embittered

Leave it now, take the hand of the Divine One and be led… 311 more words

Hope And Human Kindness

In this little book, The Four Loves, C. S. Lewis delves deep into the complexities of love. He sets the stage by making a distinction between likes and loves.

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I Am Willing

I am willing to see.

I am willing to see things differently.

I am willing to align with my Highest Self.

I am willing to evolve. 294 more words


Exploring the Heart of Justice

We’re experiencing two pandemics; the medical one causing illness, suffering and death due to a ravaging disease and the economic one causing financial hardship, food insecurity, and job loss due to a devastated economy. 1,084 more words

Faith And Spirituality

Faith, Not Fear

by Darcy Paape

Faith, not Fear

Faith is a type of seeing that goes beyond the physical and tangible elements around us. Just as we know wind, light, and music by its influence, so, we know God. 541 more words

Faith And Spirituality