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What It Takes To Be Famous

Fame is expensive. Young teens take faltering steps towards “stardom” and in the process discover that it doesn’t come cheaply. Apart from the endless rigors of training and developing raw talent, there is the constant pressure to compromise, trading faith for popularity.  630 more words

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So Why Don’t We Pray, “God, Make This Harder!”?

If we imagine the very best dream we have for our lives it is likely to be some version of Utopia (ideal life, free from challenges and problems) with us as successful and competent heroes. 772 more words

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How To Be Blissfully Happy As You Make Your Billions

The top one percent have it all and many of us could live a decade or two on their tax payments for just one year. Glitz, glamor and all the trimmings of success leave us “99 percenters” wondering just how did they do it?  776 more words


#17. Dealing with failure

One of the inevitable hurdles that we all have to overcome on the road to success is failure. Failure is something rarely talked about and yet it is a part of the journey to success. 1,303 more words

Tebow’s New Opportunity to Show Faith and Rise Again

This might be the best break for Tim Tebow. Once Peyton Manning was up for grabs it was entirely logical for the Bronco’s to chase him. 981 more words

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#8. Life is a gift

I had no part in my birth. I didn’t supervise, I didn’t direct, I didn’t call “Action!”

In fact, my earliest memory was when I was about 3 years old. 716 more words

#7. Inspiring success stories - Tyler Perry

I absolutely LOVE biographies – there’s nothing like the stories of the journey to success to inspire you as you go along your own journey. They reveal so much character and help you appreciate all that a person has gone through to get to the final product including the good, the bad and the ugly. 303 more words