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Learning The Ropes

The ship is a Norwegian Training Vessel, berthed in the Orkneys, this summer. This is the way of life, first Summer then Autumn and then the heavy, stormy seas of winter – when the discipline and training gained over many seasons stand us in good stead. 452 more words


God Can Use Anyone

I hope your having a great morning!!! It’s official I have read through the entire bible for the first time in my life it took about two years. 387 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Keep Seeking

I want to encourage you today. Just because God is silent or not answering your prayers does not mean He does not hear them, doesn’t care or won’t answer them. 99 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Nobody Made You Do Anything...

Everyone is buzzing about Taylor Swift’s new ‘anthem’ and it makes me sick. I typically don’t share what I think when it comes to these sorts of things because we have enough opinions about what’s going on in the world.  692 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Tamed Garden versus Wild Wood

The garden has its seasons. Many autumns ago, the Briar Rose was planted. A bare root; so bare I wondered if it would survive the frosts, ice and snow of winter. 328 more words


Two Years Later...

2015… It’s crazy to think I haven’t published an official post for 2 years (almost to the date). But after re-reading my last official post… 885 more words

Faith & Encouragement


In 2015, I am asking women to send me a photo of themselves. No makeup or fully done. Send me your picture and why you KNOW you’re beautiful. 16 more words

Faith & Encouragement