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The Story of Deborah: A Strong Woman of the Bible

If I may,

I want to hear more about strong women in the Bible like Deborah. I didn’t know about her until recently, but I have a new role model. 721 more words


A Tale of Two Sauls: God is always looking to Honor You..

How many foul ups do you have in your family? Usually we can’t see further back than three generations, but God sees the whole line–every mistake, pain, wrong motive, but also every kind deed or thought..from the Beginning. 469 more words


Looking for a job?

Have you ever applied for a job? Got the interview but didn’t get the position. It happens, just because you didn’t get the job does not mean that you weren’t qualified or they didn’t like you. 64 more words

Faith & Encouragement

What Music Moves YOU!?

Years ago when I first really became a follower of Jesus I was sure I could make it easier by listening to “Christian” music.  That strategy didn’t last, though some songs have had a lasting impact. 340 more words

Real Life Faith

Secular Music isn't bad, but...

Today, I recommended a few Christian workout songs on my personal Facebook page and a friend messaged me, asking: is secular music bad?  After talking through it with her, I wanted to post my thoughts here as well in case others wondered what I thought. 840 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Real Love & Self Control...Hug me as tight as you can!

Day 18 of the Wild Kids, Wild God – 31 Days looking at God’s Heart Series.

With three little ones running/crawling around the house, a quiet moment with my eldest son is rare. 578 more words


Present yet Invisible...Keep Hope in Despair

It was a big deal. My kids were watching the Disney classic, Cinderella for the first time. I sat with them, enjoying the nostalgia and reliving the story. 650 more words