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Life like Contractions

Things are going well. You got some sleep, had a moment to shower and are about to start the day. Then it begins…..pressures piling up, minute by minute, moment by moment. 432 more words


Beauty fades, Kindness Never Goes Out of Style

1 Real Woman, 18 photoshopped versions from around the world, Lesson learned = You Are Beautiful.  Period.

Everyone is “one of a kind”, never to be repeated, and never to be replaced.

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Breaking Up with the Demon of Distortion

Friends, this has been one tough summer. I took a break from writing to seek the Lord in places where I wanted to grow, to heal and peel back the layers of pride and other idols. 867 more words

Faith & Encouragement

Cinderella: A note on Humility, Entitlement and Kindness

Cinderella had it rough. Grief from losing her mom, a step-mother who treated her like a slave, and a steady stream of insults from snobbish step-sisters. 527 more words


Rainbows are actually Full Circles!

Apparently, when seen from above, rainbows are actually CIRCLES! Considering rainbows are noted as symbolizing the promise of God never to wipe out the earth with water again, it seems appropriate that it be a circle, like a ring: never-ending and unbroken, like promises are supposed to be… 85 more words


The Stars are always Shining, Even if you Don't See Them

Today is a grey, rainy day. My home is a bit chilly and everyone is sleepy. In our spirits, we can  experience “grey days”–and that may be putting it mildly. 226 more words


God's Glass Elevator

Remember the glass elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? In the end when Charlie wins the grandprize, Willy Wonka pushes the button and the elevator busts through the factory roof, zooming through the air. 616 more words