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Forgiven and Healed

When we hear about miracles and healings, we often doubt.  I get it.  Scammers have used faith healing to dupe the masses.  And yet God still heals.  697 more words

Marc Kinna

The quest for health

Some trust in doctors

Folks today seem to accept it as fact that this life is all they have. They turn to doctors for help in staying alive as long as they can.Sometimes people blame the doctor when someone dies – it would not have happened if the doctor had done his job. 569 more words

Faith And Life

Young Faith Healers In The Hospital

As I was visiting my cousin in the hospital yesterday, sometime between 5:30 and 6 p.m, a gentlemen in his twenties walked in to my cousin’s room, with about four other people trailing behind him. 827 more words


Peter Popoff: religious scammer still scamming decades after being caught

Waaay back in 1986, James Randi appeared on the Tonight Show and demonstrated that faith healer Peter Popoff had a source other than God’s word for his surprising insights into the lives of those healed. 288 more words


Faith Healers

Listeners are advised to heed a warning about violent gangs of faith healers. The roving gangs are known to coerce citizens into handing over cash for ‘cures’. 212 more words

The Great Director

This is a hard article to write. Usually, when I write, I chuckle through, typing as fast as I can, but this one is different. It’s different because it strikes where we live. 1,527 more words


What About Miracles?

While some may dissent, the consensus of the church is that miracles occur in every generation and can be counterfeited by Satan. Others embrace the doctrine of cessation as part of Reformed Theology. 1,774 more words