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Faith Healers

Listeners are advised to heed a warning about violent gangs of faith healers. The roving gangs are known to coerce citizens into handing over cash for ‘cures’. 212 more words


The Great Director

This is a hard article to write. Usually, when I write, I chuckle through, typing as fast as I can, but this one is different. It’s different because it strikes where we live. 1,527 more words


What About Miracles?

While some may dissent, the consensus of the church is that miracles occur in every generation and can be counterfeited by Satan. Others embrace the doctrine of cessation as part of Reformed Theology. 1,774 more words


Day 41: Faith Healing

“Faith Healing” and “Faith Healer” are a couple of those terms that have developed a bad connotation over the years. It brings to mind fervent preachers in expensive suits knocking over old ladies before they turn around and empty their pockets into a collection plate. 939 more words

Folk Magic 365

Day 40: Healer Profile: Mrs. Andy Webb

A talk with faith healer Mrs. Andy Webb from “Foxfire One” the first book in the Foxfire series.

Several days later, we were traveling in our jeep far off the main road. 1,231 more words

Folk Magic 365

Hypocrite of the Week #6: Faith Healers Kill Child, Then Cry in Court

Until we see faith-healing wings in hospitals, we should not take the faith-healing crowd serious.

Read the official story, from Progressive Secular Humanist, while you watch the video. 417 more words