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Daily Devotional Acts 3:1-26

  1. Pray, lifting your requests before God and praising Him for His goodness. Be sure to ask Him to speak to your heart during your devotional time.
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Are faith healers for real?

 Does a faith healer heal with the same power as Jesus?

There is no doubt that God has the power to heal anyone at any time. 560 more words


From Auld Reekie to the Windy City: John Alexander Dowie

“The time has come. I tell the church universal everywhere, you have to do what I tell you … because I am the Messenger of God’s covenant.”

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Strange Sects

My Favorite Scene: There Will Be Blood (2007) "I Drink Your Milkshake!"

To be clear, I think, as a whole, There Will Be Blood is an extremely dull movie.  I don’t like Paul Thomas Anderson.  I think he’s self-indulgent and I’m not the kind of cinephile that can try to find deep meaning in five minutes of just watching someone walk around land staring at it.  218 more words


My Journey Away From Faith: Part 19

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Needless to say, the pastors words had shocked me quite a bit. 1,678 more words


What about the miracles done by charismatic ministers?

The miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit were restricted to the era of the apostles. These gifts were given specifically for the confirmation of the the apostles as God’s messengers of His gospel. 640 more words