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Last days’ walk with Jesus: walking and thinking

We continue walking with Jesus in this episode. Today we learn how to think as we walk (putting into action His words) with Him. He is our mind. 694 more words


X is for … putting your ‘x’ in the box

I have dithered about this on for months. What on earth does X stand for? And then suddenly, in the wake of the election (in the UK) last week – 7 May 2015 if you read this much later – I suddenly thought: x is the mark we make to indicate our choice, our vote in elections (and other situations where we have to vote on something). 843 more words

Faith And Practice

Happy Earth Day

Below are some ways you can put into action both today and in the future to reduce your carbon footprint and help fight global warming.

Spirit For Teens

W is for ... wars and rumours of wars

It’s pretty grim out there in the world. War has been on my mind, not because it’s something I like to think about but because it seems to be on the news daily and although it’s hard to be sure, it seems to be getting worse. 840 more words

Faith And Practice