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Traveling on the Narrow Road

The narrow path that ‘Uncommon’ people will take, that the Lord wants you to go down, that really is the ultimate way to go.” ― Coach Tony Dungy ―
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"The Conversion"

We must believe first that GOD was,  is, and forever shall be! Th​e word of God effectively  works in you (those) who believe upon Him. For the LORD Is our Glory and Joy ( 1 Thessalonians 2: 20. 420 more words

Faith In God

Eternal Perspective

Decision making can be one of the toughest aspects of life and relationships because of the long-term ramifications that lay in the balance. With all the careful reasoning, resolution of doubts and inner conflicts leading to a final decision we still lack the eternal perspective that is needed when making wise decisions. 308 more words

God's Promises

Aunt Marion

High atop a tree

The creek looks so far away

Live in the moment

Depression era

Wild spring onions are a treat

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When Stuck In Traffic, Sing!

Friday was my birthday and I turned Fabulously Forty Four!! I traveled to Columbus Ohio with my hubby and while he attended to business, I was to spend the day shopping and enjoying me time which is exactly what I did!! 370 more words

Majestically Flawed

Give thanks? Really?

Even though we are being rushed from Halloween straight to Christmas every year, we still cannot overlook the fact that next Thursday is Thanksgiving. We have the supermarket ads to remind us, if nothing else.  311 more words

Personal Musings

I want to be Normal

One of the hardest parts of living with a chronic illness is to continue living every day by the world’s definition of “Normal.”  It may be singly the hardest part, aside from having enough money for doctor’s appointments, supplements, medicines, and special food requirements.  560 more words