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Righteous by Food or Faith

Doing all the right things and not doing the wrong things makes our relationship with God to be about works instead of faith, and that’s not what God is looking for.  383 more words

Marc Kinna

Where does the “Eastern Lightning” come from?

Most believers in Jesus Christ have heard the “Eastern Lightning” from their pastors, elders, or preachers. But actually no one knows exactly where the… 1,996 more words

Almighty God

Is Contentment Possible?

A few weeks back in youth group, we were talking about what contentment means. One of the discussion questions asked, “Do you know someone you would describe as content?” 671 more words

About Ourselves

Who's Bigger?

Today I would like to lead on from last week’s post, with a simple change of actions. We always talk about repentance, but what we don’t mention is that repentance is a change of actions, not just being sorry. 257 more words



No matter what has happened in the past, God is always ready to move you forward today. You don’t need to let fear hold you back any longer. 107 more words

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Eastern Lightning | God Loves Man | Official Trailer "Guard"

After experiencing Almighty God’s end-time work for several years, she confirmed in her heart that only the returned Jesus—Almighty God can bring man the true human life and bestow to man the way of eternal life. 271 more words

Eastern Lightning

Faith and Reason

God does not expect us
to submit our faith to him
without reason, but the
very limits of our reason
make faith a necessity.