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I Give Hope – November 16, 2017

I Am Hope and I always Give Hope. My children, you are not without Hope, never lose Hope. Hope in Me does not Fail nor Disappoint. 171 more words

The Uncool Rude 

There is a meme going about on social media. It advises the reader (onlooker?) to be polite even when knowing there won’t ever be a need of the other persons involved. 106 more words

Faith In Jesus

Keep Praying!


If you read this story, your heart surely will be touched. It just shows how terrible human leaders can be sometimes but also how faithful God is. 14 more words

Faith In Jesus

Do not be discouraged – November 03, 2017

Do not be discouraged My beloved children. I Am for you and not against you. Do not lose hope nor give up on Me and My Everlasting Kingdom or it will be all in vain. 192 more words

Faith in Me – November 01, 2017

You must have faith in Me and trust Me wholeheartedly without any doubt. I Am your Father. I Am better than any earthly father can be. 215 more words

Faith That Overcomes

Faith in Jesus Christ gives the believer power to overcome the world. The Apostle John wrote:

In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. 

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