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A couple weekends ago I went to my alma mater’s homecoming. The air was cold but the sun was warm, and all the right people were there. 528 more words

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Faith (In Me)

I believed once. I had a “beautiful faith.” But, I was a child. Maybe children need to believe in something stronger than they are. I don’t think an adult should need that. 48 more words

Out Of The Ashes I Will Rise

Its always been my dream to take care of troubled, abused, and neglected children.

Now that I am an amputee and I old have one arm, it makes no difference. 251 more words

Picks Of The Week 8

This week I decided that I would focus on revisiting previously featured artists and find other tracks by them that are worth checking out. So there’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot of great music for you all this week! 380 more words

Picks Of The Week

Accessory Trends

Today was a product development day for me- one of my favorite ways to spend time!
I love seeing creativity in mass and experience the collective creative consciousness I know exists. 184 more words



While everyone shares their list of things to be thankful for, and don’t get me wrong, but i have one of my own too, ┬ábut as early as 6am, i felt that the heavens is thanking… 7 more words


Uneducated Guesses = Uninteligent decisions

If you are uneducated in the subject you cannot realistically make a decision on where you stand about it. You can’t pick sides in a dilema if you only know one side or less. 69 more words

Faith In Me