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Serve the Opportune Time (devotional)

Here is a beautiful quote from the Bonhoeffer devotional. No summary is necessary, really. I just want to share it with you.

So, hidden in every moment is this threefold reality: I recognize God as the Lord of my life, I bow before Christ as the turning point of my life from judgment to grace, and in the midst of the spirit of the world I endeavor to make room and power for the Holy Spirit…

166 more words

The Breakthrough Declaration

Through the eye of the tiger,
Through the middle of the storm,
Through the oil and burning fire,
My breakthrough is by the shore

Through the center of the ring, 145 more words


Come, pt 1

Posted by John

Matthew 6:10—“Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  For this little series of kibbles, we are focusing on the word “come.”  This Greek word means, “arrival is expected.”  This verse is in what has classically been called “the Lord’s Prayer,” but would be more accurately called “the Disciples’ Example.”  (If you want to see the real “Lord’s Prayer”, read John chapter 17.)  Jesus told the disciples to pray in this manner.  497 more words

Kibbles And Bits


How much of it do you have?
How much of it do you use?
How much of it have you lost?
How much of it do you need? 69 more words


God is Here

Though I’m unworthy of Your love,
And I’ve done things that You’re unproud of,
Though I’ve searched for a lot of loves,
And my live has fallen from above, 190 more words


The "Now" Faith

A season of breakthrough is coming now
I anticipate it with an attitude of faith
Expecting blessings without a doubt;
I know from stress, I’ll have my break. 79 more words