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Whitefield on Being Christian

Excerpt from Whitefield’s first sermon, preached at St. Mary de Crypt Church, Gloucester, Sunday, 27 June 1736 on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 on “The Necessity and Benefits of Religious Society” 193 more words

Being Christian

“One cannot become a Christian by drifting into the Kingdom of God.”

H.A. Jacquet, citing Whitefield’s passionate sermon, Congregational Monthly, November 1970.

Fee Glade: Why I Pray

Among the gifts of summer is my daily morning walk with Chris. In the slower summer season, we walk for 30 minutes before he has to open the Center, and then I continue my walk to Fee Glade where I pray before the rest of the day. 554 more words


Unhooked and Set Free: Part II

Maura is “hooked,” but she has faith in the Savior of her life. His Word is real to her. It will speak to her conscience. Maura also has a friend who will be honest with her and always remind her why setting boundaries and guarding body, mind and soul is healthy and hopeful. 953 more words

Faith & Practice

Unhooked and Set Free: Part I

Maura, a young and spirited woman, invited me into her life. She seems to welcome the experience of age and expresses the need for a “mother” figure. 879 more words

Faith & Practice

Calling Evil "Good"

As a Christian woman, mom, and grandmother from Iowa, I am compelled to ask:

When Jesus returns, what will He say to pastors who advocate for abortion in His name? 670 more words

Faith & Practice

Family Life in a Sexualized Culture: What Is a Parent to Do?

Do not be faint of heart by what you see and hear! In every culture of madness, the unchanging Word of God gives fathers and mothers what they need to parent their children, resist evil, and build a future of hope. 1,402 more words

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