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Women in Combat: A Bible Study (Part 3)

Who lobbies for women in combat?  Is it with national security — or something else — in mind?  

In light of terrorists and all-male armies around the world, should we regard serving in combat as an “equal job opportunity?”  … 1,153 more words

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Women In Combat: A Bible Study (Part 1)

“Women in combat” is a life issue.  It is an issue to which God speaks. 

Some say, “If men can do it, so can women.”  Let us look for, shall we say, better ammunition to defend our Biblical worldview on this debate. 1,322 more words

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Prayer of a Single Mom

Mother’s everywhere are preparing to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.  It is a time of joyful expectancy.  A single mom, however, might experience both joy and sadness.   255 more words

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When You Realize You Spent A Whole Month Just Holding Your Breath

I keep a calendar in my laundry room that is reserved strictly for recording little memories. It’s a practice I started a few years ago, when I was trying to pull myself out of the darkness of things not going so well. 952 more words

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On the precociousness of November flowers

This morning during my dog walk it was a bit surprising to find two yellow flowers blooming in the already pruned bed of a Master Gardener that lives nearby. 691 more words

Christopher Cudworth

Think About a Hymn

1 My God, how wonderful you are;
your majesty, how bright!
How beautiful your mercy seat
in depths of burning light!

2 How wonderful, how beautiful… 251 more words

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"Curved in" on Self

I am “curved in” on myself.” My curved-inward self lives “as if God did not matter and as if I mattered most” (LSB, p. 292). “The tug of our flesh is always and ever toward self-justification,” writes Rev. 235 more words

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