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Tories keeping kids uneducated to stay in power.

There seems to be a concerted effort by the Tory party at the moment to chase the religious vote. I have been thinking about this for a while and it seems to me that David and his crew have been on a long term campaign since getting into power to keep the kids of the UK undereducated and the spread of faith schools is the latest tool they are using. 598 more words

Faith Schools

Public oppose state funded faith schools by four to three

This is what the BHA society had to say about faith schools earlier this year.

Public oppose state funding of ‘faith’ schools by four to three… 327 more words


Accelerated Christian Education Validated by UK Government Agency

This is the most important blog post I’ve written yet. It’s not as populist as the Top 5 posts, but please read it, comment, tweet, … 1,679 more words


Church Of England Aims For 200 New Anglican Schools Over Five Years

Church of England aims for 200 new Anglican schools over five years

The Guardian World News |by Jessica Shepherd

Lady Warsi last month warned of what she called the ‘militant secularisation’ of society. 431 more words

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