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Caroline Spelman MP highlights the role of church schools in promoting excellence and social integration

On 8th November 2016 the House of Commons debated a motion from Labour’s Lisa Nandy MP “That this House notes recent proposals by the Government to expand the role of grammar and faith schools; and calls on the Government to conduct a full assessment of the evidence relating to the effect of grammar schools and faith schools on children’s learning.” The Second Church Estates Commissioner, Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP, spoke in the debate about the important role of Church of England schools: 2,606 more words


Inclusive Education - Schools without Jews

I have a question? Are our Jewish schools really a response to the sense that we only want our children educated amongst other Jews? That seems to be the reality based on the reacton to the possibility of non-Jews attending new Jewish schools that was… 751 more words


Faith School or Nah?

I planned a different post for today but after reading an article on when muslim girls should start wearing the hijab this morning, I was reminded of a matter that came up in our home recently. 375 more words


Schools should be inclusive and open to all

If the UK is to be a truly democratic society then the Government must be open to changing its views on particular issues when it is clear that its current policies are against the wishes of the majority of its citizens . 290 more words


The Increase in UK Faith Schools Limits Choice For Parents

Support the campaign – say no to faith schools

End it – don’t extend it

Publicly funded religious schools, or ‘faith schools’, currently make up around a third of our education system. 63 more words

God Or Science

A great way to create more integration! I know - Faith Schools!

The major problems occur in society when people live apart and become suspicious of each other. To mingle and talk is great; it breaks down barriers so that people discover they are all intrinsically similar. 288 more words


When human rights lawyers and doctors are your enemy then you're probably making a mistake - and other advice I'd give to Theresa May in person if necessary - Yet another edition of 'Said today by Theresa May' 

(Cover image courtesy of ‘The Spectator’ they also have a great transcript of the speech I cover here: http://specc.ie/2dJB8Zm)

Every time I mention Theresa May in this blog it’s usually an act of critisism – and while I’d like to say that today is the day all of this changes I am not in the position to make such promises, because my opinion of Theresa May continues to spiral to greater depths every time she starts talking. 1,041 more words