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Does denominational school provision in Scotland match religious affiliation?

The usual rules of such questions apply; the answer is, of course, no.

I’d better begin, by stating yet again that my beef is not against any particular church, or Christianity, or religion… 807 more words


This house would abolish state-funded faith schools

George Heriot’s School in Edinburgh have a school debating society which, from time to time, invites guest speakers to debate a motion. The Scottish Secular Society… 1,472 more words


Another Oxford issue

Earlier this week the eyes of the country were on Oxford because of the story about issues with cancer treatments at the Churchill Hospital, the regional oncology centre. 912 more words


Private faith schools are resisting British values, says Ofsted chief | The Guardian

Significant report and issue:

Private faith schools run by religious conservatives are “deliberately resisting” British values and equalities law, according to the chief inspector of schools in England, who appealed for school inspectors to be given new powers to seize evidence during visits.

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Is segregation in UK schools acceptable?

It surprises me that in the 21st century in the United Kingdom that a school of whatever religious persuasion chooses to segregate. Of course the Al-Hijrah school an Islamic faith school has a policy of segregating boys and girls in lessons, breaks in fact in every aspect of school clubs and has been found to be ‘unlawful sex discrimination’ a court has now ruled ruled. 386 more words


Faith Schools

An Opinion Piece from the Kenilworth Courier, August 2017

New evidence has been published about the continued decline in religious belief. The latest British Social Attitudes Survey showed that, in England, 53% of the population now describe themselves as having no religion. 244 more words


August Issue

Hi everyone welcome to the second edition of my blog.  This month I’ve included an article and an essay which I hope you will find interesting. 527 more words