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Is segregation in UK schools acceptable?

It surprises me that in the 21st century in the United Kingdom that a school of whatever religious persuasion chooses to segregate. Of course the Al-Hijrah school an Islamic faith school has a policy of segregating boys and girls in lessons, breaks in fact in every aspect of school clubs and has been found to be ‘unlawful sex discrimination’ a court has now ruled ruled. 386 more words


Faith Schools

An Opinion Piece from the Kenilworth Courier, August 2017

New evidence has been published about the continued decline in religious belief. The latest British Social Attitudes Survey showed that, in England, 53% of the population now describe themselves as having no religion. 244 more words


August Issue

Hi everyone welcome to the second edition of my blog.  This month I’ve included an article and an essay which I hope you will find interesting. 527 more words


July 23rd 2017


One article in the newspaper today pleased me, one made me uncomfortable. The Tory manifesto promised to allow more faith schools to open but ministers are now expected to drop plans to allow Christian, Jewish and Muslim state schools to admit all pupils from one faith. 760 more words

Live Style Over Seventies

Archive - Said today by Theresa May - 'I want to take away barriers preventing faith schools from opening' and other steps back into a bygone era

Preface – July 2017: With great love this is the said today that I couldn’t cut up or quote – it’s a work of its own right and I couldn’t possibly delete it or repackage it or it’d lose its sparkle – so you get the whole lot… 1,131 more words

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Childhood indoctrination

Whose rights should prevail: those of a parent to bring up their own offspring in a way that is consistent with their deeply held religious worldview, or those of a child to enjoy a balanced and objective education free from indoctrination?   1,193 more words