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Attention Christendom

What are the government plans about faith Schools and faith teaching? Are you informed?

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Rage against UK faith schools is really rage against the State

The British Humanist Association’s campaign to have state funded faith schools closed seems like a classic “won’t somebody think of the children!” moment, but from the perspective of individual liberty (within the confines of the UK’s democracy) it is troubling and even somewhat sinister. 1,878 more words



On Wednesday January 20th 2016 Sir Edward Leigh MP has secured a debate in Westminster Hall  on the proposed regulation of out-of-school education settings. It starts at 9.30. 248 more words

Living with Difference

‘Living with Difference’

Dr Ed Kessler reflects on some of the controversy surrounding ‘Living with Difference’: the report of the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life. 890 more words

Definitely not cricket.

I don’t know if you have noticed but something seems to have been going with our children’s education.  Now, you will realise that I speak as a parent.  885 more words


Why I want Christian schools to stay

I really hope to respect y’all in your opinions and beliefs, but just to try to explain why it would be important for me for my child to go to a Christian school – still taught with tolerance towards  people of other beliefs, but ultimately coming from the worldview that Jesus and God are real, alive and central to life. 788 more words


The enemy without

We have read in the newspapers today that a High Court judgment has decided that humanism should be included in religious studies in our schools. At first sight, this looks like cloud-cuckoo land. 326 more words

Moral Judgment