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Chapter 3

Mondays were typically pretty slow, but this was turning out to be a particularly slow Monday, so slow, in fact, that the bell over the door remained silent till she turned the Closed sign around at noon. 1,523 more words


Chapter 2

Harper had just turned the coffee maker on and set water to boil for tea when the soft sound of the bell jingled above the door. 1,183 more words


Chapter 1

Her words hung in the air, frozen blue, like a Paul Bunyan winter. They did not reach their target; in fact, they barely made lift-off from her brain, let alone her mouth. 1,791 more words


A Struggle in Faith in Crisis

Faith has never been something that’s come easily for me. Perhaps it is better said, it’s trust -trust in God and in his help and mercy- that has never come easily. 608 more words

Byzantine Catholic