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The Beautiful Lightness of God's Commands

My Bible reading group has been reading through 1 John this week. There have been several times this week where I have felt as if I was seeing these words for the first time. 642 more words


In identifying myself as atheist I’m not denying god exists but expressing how there is no reliable evidence that any god exists. This is because as an atheist I refuse to look at the world through a metaphor of believing what the universe is but try to experience the universe as it is. 648 more words


We don't do Santa; We do contentment, thankfulness & Jesus the Christ.

People keep asking my kiddos if they are ready for Santa and then finding out in horror that we don’t do Santa. The people who ask seem well-intentioned, but they don’t seem to understand that Santa truly torpedoes a Christian Christmas. 535 more words



Recently I read a post from an atheist asking how Christians can believe in a God that would drown babies. Of course their morality is superfluously subjective as the same who condemns our God of evil also decrees “good” the dismemberment of unborn babies. 196 more words

Just A Thought

SIN-Has our culture made it obsolete?

     Our culture is doing everything it can to make the word sin obsolete, and some days it seems like they have succeeded. Even many Christians use Matthew 7:1 as an excuse not to mention sin at all. 261 more words


320 Love Club ~ first date


I traveled 320 miles from Alabama to Florida to meet the man behind the Facebook page. This date tipped it off that he was very different from my ex-husband. 95 more words


The Pumpkin Project...

Baby Sar had a Pumpkin project at school and needless to say, a few tears were shed.

I went for a Field trip with baby Sar’s class to a local farm and we handpicked our pumpkin for the project. 522 more words