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Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Christmas is the time of year most of us look forward to, a time to celebrate, a time to share and a time to reflect. … 302 more words

Reflections Of Life

I Am Numb

Blind to the things that could be

Deaf to the advice of my elders

Numb to what I never tasted

Like the smell of my fart when I break wind… 57 more words


for the girl with wires in her mouth and a heavy heart

I see you.

with your tired eyes and your

bloodied hands. still weak from

trying to hold it all together. but you

aren’t weak, are you? 171 more words

Rules change. Again

University; the land of the free; the land of the brave; smell the tar and the baked earth under the harmattan sun and remember: the rules have changed.   449 more words


Green-Eyed Monster

She overwhelmed me in an instant!

I was at church choir practice. One of the sopranos got a text from her very pregnant daughter. Finally the baby was on his way! 315 more words


Advent: We Need the Journey

You can light candles. You can read a devotional a day. You can put a sticker on a map, or eat a chocolate plucked right out of a cardboard box. 437 more words