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She's growing up :)

Here’s my not-so-little niece, Kaelyn, worshipping Jesus during our Children’s Day celebration yesterday.

This girl makes me think a lot before I speak, because she soaks up so much of how we live our lives. 362 more words


"The Fishburnes Take a Vacation" Or "Never Again, 2015"

When Malcolm was about a year and a half and I was pregnant with Bella, we thought we’d take a little mini-break to Portsmouth. I think it’s the closest to divorce we’ve ever come. 829 more words

Coping Mechanisms



It may seem so hard to believe

but the truth is what we must receive.

We’re in hard times now

and in perilous ones is what we live in. 38 more words


To Tell My Story

Our life story—varied and diverse as sand grains on a wide-open sea shore. As vastly distinct as one individual crystalline snowflake. As precious as a ring made from the purest 24-karat gold. 931 more words

Is Unity Possible?

“…And we pray that all unity may one day be restored;
And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love,
Yes they’ll know that we are Christians by our love.” 550 more words

Written Posts

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are not to be afraid, and we are not to be ashamed.

I’m sure by now, you all have heard the devastating news of yet another mass shooting in Oregon this past week. As it has been reported, a man went into a community college in Oregon, made students lie down on the floor, and asked them to stand up if they were Christian. 1,200 more words

Trust But Verify

God has been giving me some very uncomfortable assignments lately, and this post is one of them.  I trust that obedience is better than sacrifice. 292 more words