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Love. In this we stand or fall...

Love. An emotion with various attributes, levels and intensities. It is boundless, immense, deep, serious, sometimes illogical and crazy. I have used so many adjectives and adverbs to define this single word. 229 more words

The Dead Sea looks Beautiful. However, with too much salt, it is impossible for Fish to survive.

 Salt purifies and adds flavor. When we speak the truth of God’s Word in love, it purifies and helps bring to life.

“You are the salt of the earth. 132 more words



Right now, this minute, I live in smallish house with my husband, an obnoxious dog, my in-laws, and four children.  One of these children has special needs and a therapist who hangs with us 10 hours a week.   327 more words

Christianity is a Crutch, Evolution, and the Authenticity of the Bible - challenges to my faith by an interested friend.

Christianity is false because evolution is fact.

I think it’s interesting that you say that Christians can’t accept science, or can’t ‘evolve’ along side Science.  It’s obviously daft that some American Evangelicals have banned evolution being taught.  1,583 more words



I have never heard anyone say they have too many friends, have you?  I think that is because it is hard to make it through life without friends.  214 more words


Ruth revisited

Isaiah 54:1-5

1 “Scream joyfully, infertile one; who has never given birth! Bust out rejoicing and bellow, one who has not been pregnant! Because the abandoned woman’s children will be more than the children of a married woman,” says Yahveh. 268 more words


Chapter 14 INSOMNIA

Note: Post contains details of abuse that may be triggering. Please stay safe.

Other chapters can be found on the right side of the home page, under the category “Shattered Book” 991 more words

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