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Faith is a strong belief that God does exist.

Faith is the key to heaven.

Faith is an act.

Faith is the hope for tomorrow. 28 more words

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now.” That’s a line from a popular song by country music star Kenny Chesney. It’s catchy because it’s true.  428 more words


My truth, your truth, THE TRUTH.

I would not dare stand before you and profess that my convictions, my truth, is the one truth. That my interpretation of God’s will, God’s word, and God’s call is absolute. 549 more words



For we know him who said, “Justice belongs to me; I will repay them”; who also said, “The Lord himself will handle these cases.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Hebrews 10:30-31 TLB


The Great Literary Mash-up

Since the beginning of September, I’ve been participating in the Twitter #hashtag game, WIPjoy. Hosted by @simmeringmind, there is a prompt for each day encouraging writers to share about their current work in progress. 506 more words


The Me Only the Lord Knows

I don’t want to be afraid

I don’t want to hurt.

Inside is a constant fight

frozen in fear,

losing control,

flooded with emotions.

No one can see the pain. 288 more words