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Revealing Why You Aren't Successful

Did your parents ever respond to your request for something new by saying something along the lines of: I’m not getting you anything else until you take care of what you have. 317 more words


Quiet Moments can Change Your Perspective

It’s been a busy few months! I haven’t done much writing and honestly I have rushed through my morning quiet times, prayed on the run and kept a pace that if I am honest; I am just not comfortable with how it’s been going. 766 more words


I Feel Free Again

This morning I sat in church tearing up out of awed gratitude.

Matt Chandler interviewed Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs about the testament of God’s faithfulness in their marriage and their story reminded me about how faithful God has been in my life over this past year. 536 more words

The Confession of Our Hope


The Confession  of Our Hope

God does not want  His children  to be afraid  of confessing their  “hope”  in everlasting life  with Him.     We know  that Jesus  is… 485 more words



Believe in him once,
Then you can do it twice,
Three times,
Belief doesn’t come natural,
It is worked out in the plan of life experiences that are set to guide you down your path. 20 more words


A Faithful Ambassador

“This is the twenty third year in which the word of the Lord has come to me; and I have spoken to you, rising early and speaking, but you have not listened”

514 more words
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