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This watering can has served us faithfully for several years. It will serve again in the not too distant future.

By faithfulness we are collected and wound up into unity within ourselves, whereas we had been scattered abroad in multiplicity.

Peace be with you

The “Butt-inski”

As two of Jesus’ disciples walked along on that very first easter day, they were met by a traveler. A guy. A man headed in the same direction they were going. 750 more words


“Here I am walking around my apartment, trying to fill my time and avoid prayer because I don’t really think I know how to start. Should I sit?

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Leave It

How many burdens do you keep?


How many burdens do you take back after you give them away to God?

When you lay your burden down, giving it to God, 183 more words


Obedient in Small Things

Naaman (2Kgs 5) was insulted when Elisha sent word that he should wash seven times in the Jordan to cure his leprosy. Naaman expected that Elisha would ask him to perform some great feat. 42 more words

Demonstrate Core Values

Ruth's Faithfulness

As I was drinking my coffee and reading my devotions tonight in my dorm room, I came across the story of Ruth. I’ve read this story maybe a thousand times and it’s came to be one of my favorite books in the bible. 210 more words