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Trying to continue your life after losing a child

Tomorrow will be 17 years ago my daughter was taken from me. And I swear I hear her calling me in my sleep. For a while after her death (murder) I would try not to sleep. 129 more words


November 15, 2016


     Today I learned a lot… got to put up more lights today… seen my roommate… that was cool because he told me he applied to come here… I’m proud of him. 139 more words


Beams of morning glow scattered upon my face ushering in the birth of a new day. Paralyzed, I gazed emotionless at the ceiling as if consumed by a trance. 379 more words


Location: The Conrad, Rangali Island Maldives
Wearing | White dress from Topshop, Knot belt from Faithfull, accessories from Bulgari 
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How To Stay Faithful When We Feel Faithless

Staying faithful is hard! It’s harder than sticking to a diet that we planned out, it’s harder than staying within a budget, it’s harder than not getting angry in traffic (because who doesn’t) and it’s harder than mostly anything we could think of. 1,016 more words