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Dono Jahaan Teri Mohabbat Mein Haarke

“If I could hold a heart in the palm of my hand and protect it for the rest of my life,
I’d chose for it to not be mine. 307 more words


Mujhse pahli-si mahabbat

মুঝসে পহলি-সি মহব্বৎ, মেরি মহবুব, ন মাংগ

মুঝসে পহলি-সি মহব্বৎ, মেরি মহবুব, ন মাংগ ।
ম্যায়নে সমঝা থা কে তু হ্যায় তো দরখশাঁ হ্যায় হয়াৎ, 16 more words

Sehwan, Sheema and Faiz

By Anjum Altaf

For Sheema Kermani – because she went

(After Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Aaj Bazaar meiN Pa ba JaullaN Chalo)

Unwept tears, inner torments… 144 more words


Tiranga, dissent, and nationalism for an ordinary Indian

Speak, for your lips are free;
Speak, your tongue is still yours,
Your upright body is yours–
Speak, your life is still yours.
See how in the blacksmith’s shop…

1,276 more words

Ashar and Sarud-e-shabana


রাত য়ুঁ দিল্ মেঁ তেরি খোঈ হুই ইয়াদ আঈ
য্যায়সে ভীরানে মেঁ চুপকে-সে বহার আ যায়ে
য্যায়সে সহরাওঁ মেঁ হো্লে-সে চলে বাদ-এ-নসীম
য্যায়সে বীমার কো বে-ওয়জহ্ করার আ যায়ে 29 more words

distant Love

How shall I put this?
This relationship that you and I share
nowhere has it been inscribed in the language of devotion. 52 more words
The Periscope

Wilder's crucial period started

Geert Wilders his campaign started today for the elections on 15th of March. While Wilders was surrounded by the media and fans, he was being escorted by the police through Spijkenisse. 438 more words