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Mere Nadeem...

Some experiences in life  are surreal, and one of them for me is experiencing the power of poetry. There are times in life where people close to us fail to understand us but through poetry we can seek solace from somebody who belongs to the pages of history. 332 more words


Toyota'dan ağustosa özel sıfır faiz

Şirketten yapılan açıklamaya göre, kampanyada Hilux için 5 bin liralık indirim veya 4×2 ve 4×4 motor seçeneklerine göre belirlenen 12-20 aylık vade seçenekleri için de sıfır faiz alternatifi sunulduğu belirtildi. 19 more words

Poems on social change

We briefly engaged with the following poems in class.

The following is more of a poetic version of a speech by Martin Neimoller in the context of the cowardice of German intellectuals, with the ascendance of Nazi power. 242 more words

Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Kuchh ishq kiya Kuchh kaam kiya

Woh log bahut khush kismat thay
jo ishq ko kaam samajhte thay
ya kaam se aashiqui karte thay
ham jite’ji mashroof rahe
kuchh ishq kiya, kuchh kaam kiya… 80 more words


My wish for you is long journeys that take you to far off places,
That you discover the unknown and find this unknown in unexpected places. 328 more words


Living a beautiful life

Everywhere I look around me – I see ugliness. Ugliness on the roads. The ugliness of the horns, of the engines. The ugliness of the driver intent on overtaking the next car, getting his way, oblivious to the vast blue sky above, to the gentle breeze, to the rain that fell a few hours ago, still present in the aura of the space. 290 more words

İslam Ekonomisi

Modern zaman da özellikle insanların din ve toplumsal hayatının tamamıyla birbirinden soyutlanması gerektiğine dair bir inanış mevcut. Bu inanışın temeli ortaçağ döneminde kilisenin baskısına dayanamayan avrupada Martin Luther hareketiyle oluşmuştur. 474 more words