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'Why Ghalib appears so contemporary even today ?' : Interview with Hasan Abdullah

Ghalib has fascinated generations of people and they have tried to understand/ interpret his poetry in their own way. For any such individual it is really difficult to recollect when and how Ghalib entered her/ his life and ensconced himself comfortably in one’s heart. 2,222 more words


What A Wonderful World

#Musicians #Entrepreneur #BusinessOwner #Optimizer #AffiliateMarketer #StockTrader #MoneyMagneter. A Moslem, who Always Be a Dream Catcher #ImposibbleIsNothing. 



چمکتے جزبوں کی مدہم لو میں
وصالِ جاناں کی پرچھائی
خالی چہروں کے عکسِ نو میں
کمالِ تلبیس کی دہائی۔
شیریں لفظوں کے کلمہ گو میں
طلسمِ جدت کی تنہائی
تڑپتے بسمل کی خشک بو میں
محفل دیدار کی سجائی
شگفتہ دہنوں کی ترش خو میں
ضربِ عشاق کی پنہائی
سمٹتے لفظوں کی بہتی رؤ میں
کہانی گفتار کی سنائی


Book Review..  Urdu Poetry

My connection with Urdu poetry is mostly limited to my memories of my father. He could remember and recite the most appropriate ‘sher’ at a party and regale fellow officers for hours😊. 183 more words


The Mandrem House Launch Party: Live Music, Food and Conversations|Friday, 13th October 2017|5-10 pm

The Mandrem House is little less than one acre of a mango orchard with a villa in the front, hosts a beautiful butterfly garden in making and a remakery studio for upcycling waste into furnitures, has a cute little Cafe in the orchard too. 202 more words


नज़्म : शायर और शतरंज

कल सारी रात

जब बीमार था मैं,

मेरा शायर, मेरे ही पास पड़ा लेटा रहा.

कितना ही कहा उसको चले जाने को,

और ये भी,

Rohit Joshi