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Finsta: Loophole?

Most social media users are aware of the existence of Finstas, a.k.a Fake Instagram accounts. This doesn’t just apply to Instagram, but also to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. 490 more words

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Can You Fall In Love Over Internet?

People fall in love in mysterious ways, maybe just the touch of a hand. But, why fall in love, why not stay in love?

Anyway, internet is a weird place.

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Seems Twitter is all a Twutter

I know there is no such word as Twutter. For silliness in the news , it would appear that millions of followers from dozens of prominent Twitter accounts have disappeared in recent days. 1,796 more words

Twitter Followers Vanish Amid Inquiries Into Fake Accounts

Federal and state authorities are investigating the sellers of
artificial followers and other fraudulent social media engagement.

More than a million followers have disappeared from the accounts of dozens of prominent Twitter users in recent days as the company faces growing criticism over the proliferation of fake accounts and scrutiny from federal and state inquiries into the shadowy firms that sell fake followers. 126 more words


Demand for fake followers drives bot black market

If you’re a regular internet user, you may have noticed that said internet is swarming with bots. Yet the extent of the presence of fake accounts on platforms like Twitter may be greater –and more organized– than many previously thought. 651 more words

Wells Fargo fake bank accounts

In September 2016, Wells Fargo (an American international bank) announced that their employees had opened millions of unauthorized bank accounts. The unauthorized accounts were created in order for employees to boost their sales figures, earning them more money. 29 more words

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