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Google extends Safe Browsing to Android Chrome

Google says that its Safe Browsing service already protects about 1 billion desktop users from all sorts of online nastiness, be it malware, unsavory software… 538 more words


Advent tip #4: Unsolicited tech support call? Just hang up!

Many of us have had unsolicited technical support calls, sometimes several of them.

It’s a scam that’s been going on for years, and it goes something like this. 354 more words


Busted scammer resorts to death threats

When his phone rang and he began to listen to the crook on the other end, Jakob Dulisse wasn’t fooled for an instant by the “Microsoft tech support” scam. 713 more words


FTC smackdown! More fake support scammers taken out...

It’s less than a month since we last wrote about fake support call scammers in the USA getting taken out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 815 more words


Android "police warning" ransomware - how to avoid it, and what to do if you get caught

Special thanks to Ferenc László Nagy of SophosLabs Hungary and Savio Lau of SophosLabs Canada for providing research for this article. 745 more words


Google refunds Android users who bought fake Virus Shield app

Earlier this month an Android anti-virus app, named Virus Shield, managed to fool thousands of customers into buying it, despite not having any anti-virus capabilities. 443 more words


Google takes down fake anti-virus app that duped 10,000 users on Play Store

A 17-year-old scam artist allegedly ripped off 10,000 people who purchased a fake anti-virus app.

His app made it to number one on the Google Play Store… 684 more words