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The Google Play "Super Antivirus" that's not so super at all... [REPORT]

Remember fake anti-virus?

It was a big money-making gimmick used by cybercriminals a few years ago, aimed at regular computers and mobile devices alike.

The idea was staggeringly simple: run a free “scan” that pretended to whizz through your hard disk or phone storage, looking for those stubborn malware infections that your traditional anti-virus had missed. 525 more words


ipfilterX Codename Dafne

>Date 13/10/2017


-Blocked Threats:
-Updated Threats: [1]
-IP Added Record: [+2K]


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How many Tasmanians does it take to eat the planet Jupiter?

Outback mum becomes YouTube hi-tech maven

In my role as part-time techno nerd and Linux aficionado, I’ve struggled through numerous how-to videos made by lonely guys living in their parents’ basement, cussing up a storm at Microsoft while extolling the preternatural benefits of Water Rat Linux (or whatever distro with a development team of one has lately come down the pike). 1,116 more words