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WHAT IS AdvancedFix?

AdvancedFix is a malware that falls under the rogue anti-spyware and ransomware category from the Antispyware soft family. These programs are installed into the user system without the permission of the user through malwares or through exploit programs. 742 more words

Adware Removal

Have You Been Hacked?

Computer behaving strangely, a little slower, pop-ups? Here are ten signs you’ve possibly been hacked, and, in some cases, what you might do in the event of a compromised computer. 1,610 more words


Identify a Fake Antivirus in your System

Fake antivirus is one of the most unrelenting threats on the web. This is a malware which uses several variants and social engineering to tempt users onto infected websites with black hat Search Engine Optimization technique. 489 more words

PC Maintenance

ipfilterX Codename Nightwing

>Date 18/10/2013

>Updates : New AntiP2P Entertainment Network Ranges, Malware Hosts, Spammers, Flooders, Unknown Hidden Hosts, Marketing and Investment Groups, New Gov Ranges, EU-IT Groups Consulting, Invasive ADS Technologies, New Secret Assets, Common FAKE Antivirus… 47 more words

Fake Antivirus Software - How To Avoid Downloading It?

If you’ve recently been the victim of fake antivirus software, then you know the frustration of trying to remove it from your computer. The reality is you’re not alone – millions of PC users are duped into installing this rogue software. 528 more words


Top 5 Fake Security Rogues of 2013

By Tyler Moffitt

We see users on the internet getting infected with Rogue Security Malware all the time. In fact, it’s one of the most common and obvious type of infections we see. 713 more words

Threat Research

System Doctor 2014

Here we go. Another rogue infection. Now don’t you just love it? Naturally, I’m kidding, because you would enjoy something like System Doctor 2014. Sure, at first glance it looks like your average and legitimate antivirus program, but once it starts spamming you with fake security alerts and random error messages, I guess you learn it the hard way. 456 more words