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We would all look better with a Victoria Secret angel inspired tan; not only does a tan help to make skin look more healthy, clearer and radiant, but it can also create the illusion of a slimmer body, whilst minimising the appearance of stretch marks. 288 more words

Go Tanning

Millions of Americans go tanning every year. Why should I limit my life experiences just because my complexion is of the darker persuasion? I’m down to try new things, so why the hell not? 295 more words

Fake Bake: Blue Baking

I shared my favorite paint color with you yesterday, it’s the color of my living room and my home studio. But my color crush for… 575 more words


Skincare Breakdown: Fake Bake


So I had put this in my favorites post and honestly I have never had better luck with a self tan product- I’ve used tons and some no matter how much you rubbed the stuff in it didn’t go on evenly and you had streaks and marks and lines it took forever to dry..or never seems to dry you are left uber sticky..ugh- so annoying. 429 more words


Fake Bake - 60 Minutes Self Tan Liquid

Ease to apply: Medium – Being a liquid makes it slightly harder to apply than a moose. Despite this I have never suffered from streaks. 281 more words


The new B:lush-mobile gets its first outing

Last night I took the new B:lush-mobile out for its first long drive to a client in Huby. She enjoyed an evening of pampering with a Fake Bake spray tan and shellac nails… Just in time for the Christmas party season.