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Truths About Fake Tan That Every Girl Has Thought...


I’m here today to talk about fake tan. We all know it and love it or do we? There are many pros but also just as many cons about fake tanning which I know all girls think about before, during and after the tanning process. 644 more words

The Sunless Option

How to protect your skin from the sun


ROME, Ga.— Tanning has presented serious health risks for decades and doctors are looking for safe alternatives for getting a healthy glow that does not involve the damage of the sun. 682 more words


I meet up with little miss Barnett for Sunday lunch on a beautiful, sunny day at the plough at huddlesford. Along with a just stepped out of a catalogue summer outfit (Barnett is one of my most stylish and wardrobe focussed friends), she is also sporting the most glorious, rich, golden tan. 511 more words

General Hilarity

July Kudos - I'm in love <3

So, today, this was announced, I honestly do not know what I’m more excited about…. the prospect that I’m not going to be going to America (Arizona) with legs that are white as a ghost, or about the free bag. 37 more words

Let's Talk: Summer Skincare

I’m sure many of you are sick of hearing about the importance of sun cream and protecting yourself from the sun, but after reading Inthefrow’s  481 more words


Sunless Summer 

How did we get from New Year’s Day to Memorial Day so super fast?? Seems we were just putting away the Christmas decorations, and now we are planning our holiday around cool drinks, lawn chairs and sunscreen! 437 more words

Skin Care

My Routine & Tips

Last summer in mid-July, I went on a weeklong vacation to a tropical destination and missed my bronzy tan during the winter months. With that being said, the past winter left me feeling not only cold, but also pale. 465 more words